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Aginic is an innovative organisation specialising in data analytics and business intelligence founded in 2014. It has seen rapid success and grown to 100+ amazing people across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The word Aginic is a composition of “Agile Analytics” and that remains our focus. 

Aginic’s proud track record of delivering for our clients has been underpinned by our people, passionate technicians and believers in focusing on the business problem that needs to be solved, and by our collaborative way of working, emphasising partnering with our clients to achieve awesome outcomes.

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Automated Beverages

Simple applications of AI lay the groundwork for complex projects. By engaging in discrete initiatives that inspire and delight, we begin to see the ways that artificial intelligence can solve problems in novel and exciting ways. The interjection of machine learning into beverage operations today, could be the beginning of something much larger tomorrow.

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Epics | What is an Agile Epic?

Epics are a way of organising large items of work and are applicable to all industries, sectors and agile teams. This materialises as an item or tool in an organisation’s hierarchy structure for visualising and delivering upon its goals.

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