Elegant data solutions

We combine three ingredients. The mechanics: manipulation, transformation and automation of data loads. The maths: advanced analytical techniques that turn data into insight. The magic dust: a creative team that can make data interaction look beautiful and feel intuitive.


Insights for everyone

With over 100 clients across the ANZ region, in every state and most industries, we have a depth of experience to tackle any data challenge you throw at us. We work with your business teams to drive a business outcome. Our people and approach is consultative and targets the delivery of actual value.


Genuine people

We're nothing without our people. We're a young, ambitious and fun team that has a common ground of high-performance. We focus on combining a collaborative, friendly approach with technical skills right to the top of organisation.

ELEGANT SOLUTIONS are our specialty. We specialise in reporting, visual, and advanced analytics. We apply an agile delivery model and demonstrate results within days, not weeks and months.

We provide INSIGHTS by combining our client’s data and other relevant data sources to create aesthetically impressive and interactive analysis solutions.

Surrounding ourselves with GENUINE PEOPLE is one of our core values. Working with each other and our clients is what we enjoy most. The Aginic team is diverse in skills and talents, and we are constantly striving to learn more.

Our solutions

Data science, statistical modelling & machine learning
Social media listening & analytics
ETL & data lake design
Analytics portals
Text & sentiment analytics
Custom visualisations
Cloud data platforms
Open data & APIs
Aginic incubator
BI change management
BI strategy & architecture
Risk Intelligence

We see software and technology as an enabler; we aren’t software salespeople. We combine best-of-breed technology solutions with the latest analytics techniques to deliver deep insights which provide lateral solutions to complex problem spaces.

Our clients

Aginic’s clients vary from boutique businesses to State-wide Government Departments, with tens of thousands of employees. We service a diverse range of industries; providing our clients with translatable findings from other industries. At their core, all Aginic clients have a passion to better use data to transform and improve their world. Maybe they are drowning in Excel spreadsheets; maybe they don’t get value out of their data warehouse; maybe they need to reliably model future scenarios; or maybe they want a single view of their customer.

Aginic’s clients understand that ever-increasing volumes of data are being captured – in 2016 – for every minute of every day, users uploaded over 800,000 files to Dropbox; 3.5 million text messages were sent in the US; and 85,000 hours of video was streamed on Netflix.  Aginic’s clients want to make sense of some – or all – of this data. And that’s where we come in.

Our people

Working with each other and our clients is what we enjoy most. The Aginic team is diverse in skills and talents, and we are constantly striving to learn more. We are part of a great culture and common focus on making data a core accessible asset of any organisation.

Meet the team