We solve problems, differently.

We are a diverse crew of creative data analysts, data scientists, designers, engineers, delivery coaches, and cloud technicians that love to combine our technical skills to solve problems.

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As a consultancy we help our clients achieve efficiency, accuracy, and informed business decisions by understanding your unique challenges, customers and business requirements. With expertise that no other consultancies can replicate across a wide range of analytics, agile consulting and digital experience, we can provide a solution for almost any challenge thrown our way.

Data & Insights

Transforming complex information into purposeful insight

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Digital Experience

Crafting intuitive and frictionless experiences across digital channels

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Agile Consulting

Delivering value early and often to customers

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Our work

Empowering the community

Case study

Monde Nissin Australia

Aginic worked with Monde Nissin Australia in partnership with Microsoft to develop an automated analytics and reporting solution that enables Monde Nissin to manage its operations with greater insight, efficiency and precision. 

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Happy people, happy clients, happy projects.

Our people are genuine collaborators, meaningful contributors and smart doers. These characteristics shape our conversations, but more importantly our actions with every client.

Daniel John
Daniel John

Intro to Kanban

Kanban is an Agile framework that focuses on flow and eliminating waste. It relies on complete transparency, not only in terms of communication, but work as well. Kanban is probably the biggest reason Post-it Notes are so tightly associated with Agile approaches. This is because at the core of the framework is the Kanban Board, a highly visible and accurate representation of work items and their current state. In the early days, these boards were created using sticky notes and markers, however, these days there are a significant number of digital tools to choose from.

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Daniel John
Daniel John

Intro to Agile

Agile can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It's an overarching set of values that guides certain practices. In short, Agile should be considered as a set of guiding principles and values and not a framework, it does not provide a series of steps to follow.

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We see software and technology as an enabler; we aren’t software salespeople. We combine best-of-breed technology solutions with the latest analytics techniques to deliver deep insights which provide lateral solutions to complex problem spaces.

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