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Aginic's Adaptive Delivery

In a world of continuous digital disruption and increasing technical complexity, adaptive project delivery methods allow you to keep focused on what matters most…your customers!

Blending adaptive discovery and delivery processes with a team of smart and diverse doers are our key ingredients to delivering value early to our customers.

Delivering outcomes early sits at the core of every client commitment, as we link arms to tackle big changes that deliver meaningful insight, informed innovation and structured learnings every step of the way.

Kaizen Improvement Event

Introducing the ‘Kaizen Improvement Event’, a delivery model of Japanese origins that relates to ‘continuous improvement’.

The Kaizen Improvement Event is one of of four delivery service models that we embrace on our quest to unearthed speed to insight, looking beyond fundamental project productivity benchmarking to bring the team into the process to:

  • Reduce waste in areas such as inventory, waiting times, transportation, worker motion, employee skills, overproduction, excess quality and in processes
  • Improve utilisation, product/service quality, use of capital, communications, capacity and employee retention
  • Provide immediate, actionable results
  • The Kaizen event is typically held over 3 to 5 days, with a committed team that focuses on solving the problem at hand.

The intention (the outcome is) is to bring the right people together with focused attention (minimal disruption), and complete the event with an agreed plan to pilot at the end of the process.

Delivery Maturity Assessment

Our maturity assessment tool is designed to empower delivery teams by working with them to identify areas where improvement would be most valuable.

The delivery of the assessment is guided by an experienced agile coach with hands on experience of successfully applying these techniques with teams. This way, the coach can help articulate areas of uncertainty, and offer pragmatic guidance on where improvements might be possible for the team.

We conduct this process in an interactive workshop format, where the whole delivery team have a say in their view of the team’s maturity and what could be improved.

We will work with key stakeholders from the teams (such as the team leader) prior to the session to make sure that the team understand the context for the session and feel safe in giving honest answers to the current state.

The output from the assessment gives the teams a clear understanding of where their focus should be on improving delivery capabilities and allows them to track progress with achieving these improvements. This is usually followed up with supporting coaching and mentoring to help guide the team in achieving their goals. We will support you with feeding the outputs into the a Continuous Delivery Roadmap that will drive future improvements in this area.

Organisational Transformation

We are digital thinkers and leaders at heart. We help organisations embrace disruption and harness the emergent opportunities from mobile technologies. A successful digital transformation requires supporting changes to the mindset and culture of the organisation, to allow new ways of working to thrive and these new approaches to be tailored to the environment.

With experience from successful large scale digital transformations in broadcasting, government and retail, our adaptive delivery teams work with your organisation to build a tailored pathway for your acceleration into a digital organisation.

Our team are focused on ensuring that the changes are ‘safe to fail’ meaning that customer experiences and projects are not put at risk and employees feel safe and engaged as the company evolves. We take gradual, incremental steps to seed improvements to delivery at all levels of the organisation and generate usable results early so that we can checkpoint our progress.

Delivery Management (Agile & Lean)

Aginic delivery leaders use a combination of Scrum, Kanban, XP and design thinking practices all based upon a strong bedrock of understanding of Agile and Lean principles. Our approaches are tailored to suit the circumstances and the priority is always driving great outcomes for customers.

We focus on relentlessly identifying blockers to effective delivery and working with the team and wider organisation to remove these before they slow down progress. Our people provide an immediate energiser for project delivery, helping drive improvements bringing teams together to the problems at hand.

Depending on when the team are engaged, we can either help organisations set things up in an agile model from the start or provide a ‘reset’ where things may have gone off track. In either case we’ll make sure the approach is transparent and progress is visible every step of the way.

Whilst we prioritise delivery of the project or service required, we also mentor those around us to understand the mindset that leaders need to help teams achieve high performance as well as the facilitation techniques that help teams gel.

All of our engagements are structured around creating sustainability by working with our clients’ delivery leaders to ensure that improvements to delivery capability are maintained.

Delivery Coaching (Agile & Lean)

Agile and Lean principles help clients improve their processes, structures and environments in the service of creating better results for customers.

Aginic’s Agile and Lean coaches have international experience working with some of the most mature agile organisations in the world. We offer insights from their agile journeys that will help clients to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can prevent organisations from maintaining their success in delivering products and projects.

We have the experience, pragmatism and determination to identify the scaling patterns that will work best for each context and help our clients retain focus on driving great customer outcomes whatever their size.

We have experience of working with the common scaling frameworks such as LeSS and SAFe and we can help you choose the best fit for your organisation or pick the elements of each that you can tailor to your own approach.

So that the changes we are making last for the long term, we can help you craft career paths that attract and retain the best talent in the market and ensure that your teams contain the key roles required for sustained success.

Get in touch with James Hayes

Co-founder and managing director of AginicDS, James is an experienced agile coach and delivery manager with an impressive track record of helping teams and organisations across the world find pragmatic ways of improving the way they deliver for their customers. Equally comfortable working with a single team or an entire company, James is able to help people quickly make improvements in a fail safe way and keep the momentum of change up over the long term. Recently James has worked with organisations such as Suncorp, Marks & Spencer, Sky and MOO Print Ltd to establish improved delivery practices and build high performing teams.

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