Agile Consulting

Delivering value early and often to customers

In a world of continuous digital disruption and increasing technical complexity, adaptive project delivery methods allow you to keep focused on what matters most, your customers.

Change happens

Whether it’s a minor tweak to requirements or a substantial market shift, it’s safe to say that change is a constant. At Aginic, we adhere to the Agile principles and values through a variety of frameworks to promote adaptability, open communication, and risk mitigation. Our Delivery Managers and Coaches have experience in supporting Agile teams to deliver successful outcomes across a broad range of industries, including construction, health, government, finance, even video games! We’d love to support you and your organisation to reap the benefits of the Agile approach. Our service offerings can be tailored to suit your needs and can be grouped into two core areas: Agile Coaching and Agile Delivery.

Agile Coaching

At Aginic, we have one of the most experienced teams of Agile coaches in Australia. With combined decades of experience, our team is made up of individuals who live and breathe the best of Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Lean and Agile. The team is available to help you and your team/program to adapt an Agile way of working.

Agile Delivery

Our Agile delivery workshops and maturity assessment tools are designed to provide structure and clarity to project teams looking to commence, or enhance their delivery capabilities. We collaborate through interactive workshops to support you in empowering teams and leaders to uplift key areas of organisational capability and service delivery.

Transform your business to with adaptive project delivery.

We see software and technology as an enabler; we aren’t software salespeople. We combine best-of-breed technology solutions with the latest analytics techniques to deliver deep insights which provide lateral solutions to complex problem spaces.

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