Delivery Maturity Assessment

Designed to empower delivery teams

Our maturity assessment tool is designed to empower delivery teams by working with them to identify areas where improvement would be most valuable.

The delivery of the assessment is guided by an experienced agile coach with hands on experience of successfully applying these techniques with teams. This way, the coach can help articulate areas of uncertainty, and offer pragmatic guidance on where improvements might be possible for the team.

We conduct this process in an interactive workshop format, where the whole delivery team have a say in their view of the team’s maturity and what could be improved.

We will work with key stakeholders from the teams (such as the team leader) prior to the session to make sure that the team understand the context for the session and feel safe in giving honest answers to the current state.

The output from the assessment gives the teams a clear understanding of where their focus should be on improving delivery capabilities and allows them to track progress with achieving these improvements. This is usually followed up with supporting coaching and mentoring to help guide the team in achieving their goals. We will support you with feeding the outputs into the a Continuous Delivery Roadmap that will drive future improvements in this area.

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James is an experienced agile coach and delivery manager with an impressive track record of helping teams and organisations across the world find pragmatic ways of improving the way they deliver for their customers. James is able to help people quickly make improvements in a fail safe way and keep the momentum of change up over the long term.

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