Kaizen Improvement Event

A delivery model of Japanese origins

Introducing the ‘Kaizen Improvement Event’, a delivery model of Japanese origins that relates to ‘continuous improvement’.

The Kaizen Improvement Event is one of of four delivery service models that we embrace on our quest to unearthed speed to insight, looking beyond fundamental project productivity benchmarking to bring the team into the process to:

  • Reduce waste in areas such as inventory, waiting times, transportation, worker motion, employee skills, overproduction, excess quality and in processes
  • Improve utilisation, product/service quality, use of capital, communications, capacity and employee retention.
  • Provide immediate, actionable results.
  • The Kaizen event is typically held over 3 to 5 days, with a committed team that focuses on solving the problem at hand.

The intention (the outcome is) is to bring the right people together with focused attention (minimal disruption), and complete the event with an agreed plan to pilot at the end of the process.

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James is an experienced agile coach and delivery manager with an impressive track record of helping teams and organisations across the world find pragmatic ways of improving the way they deliver for their customers. James is able to help people quickly make improvements in a fail safe way and keep the momentum of change up over the long term.

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