Action for Good

Aginic Social Value

We evaluate opportunities using the following five criteria

Aginic Social Outcomes

We realised pretty early on that there are so many ways to give back to the community, and we needed to get a little more specific. It’s so important to us to remain true to our values, listen to our people and it really makes sense to leverage what we’re good at.

When we looked at all the awesome work we’ve done, we recognised we have gained some incredible experience and expertise through our work in Health and Education and focus in Not-For-Profits. At our core we are data specialists and so we wanted to recognise this as a way to really drive change. Our Aginic family shared a desire to focus on environmental sustainability, and what they say matters.

When you bring together our experience, our expertise and our passion you get our Social Outcomes.

This is what matters to us.

Enabling people to live a healthier life

Growing brighter minds for a brighter future

Caring for our planet and its future humans

Supporting for-purpose organisations

Providing data for purpose