Aginic Social Value

Giving back to the community

Our vision is to create a self sustaining social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking as its engine.

Aginic’s history of giving back

What on earth does that mean? It’s a different way of looking at Corporate Social Responsibility. We want to create a more sustainable approach to contribute to our community. We want our Aginic family to contribute to this in a way that aligns with our values and focuses on the initiatives and causes that matter most to us. 

We are starting to create our evolving Aginic Social Value plan, where we will look to:

  • Continue to give time to charities that matter most to us
  • Continue to work with Not-For-Profits and other value aligned organisations
  • Continue working hard to drive positive societal and community outcomes with our existing clients
  • Focus on who we want to work with and why
  • Actively reach out to like minded organisations for new opportunities
  • Create some awesome ideas for shared value
  • Explore the idea of creating our own Social Enterprise
  • Share our social impact stories more broadly to inspire action

Stay tuned for updates on our awesome initiative and feel free to get in touch at [email protected]