Action for Good

Aginic Social Value

Aginic's Social Ecosystem

We are a group of humans who believe in doing good deeds. We recognise that work is a big part of our life, so it makes sense not only to weave our goodness and impact into our day to day, but also focus on growing it!

We want to take Action For Good.

Aginic’s Social Value is a new way of looking at Corporate Social Responsibility. We are building an interconnected social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking to ultimately self-fund it. Big words, we know!

Essentially, we are aiming to create our own Social Enterprise to fund our giving to the community.

We want our Aginic family to help us with our bold vision in a way that aligns with our values and focuses on the social outcomes that mean most to us.

Social Outcomes Our broad outcomes we are focusing on and feel most aligned with


Share the awesome social purpose work we do


Ensuring we work with a diverse mix of clients for broader impact


Our broad approach for how we give back to the community


Generating awesome ideas and opportunities with an ethos of shared value

ASV Hub Capturing real data and insights on our social ecosystem