Action for Good

Aginic Social Value

Aginic's Social Ecosystem

One of the things that unites us at Aginic, is our desire for positive impact in the communities we serve. Our vision is Insight For Purpose, and we mean it.

We recognise that work is a big part of our life, so it makes sense not only to weave our goodness and impact into our day to day, but also focus on growing it.

We want to take Action For Good.

We are building a social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking to drive shared value for our communities and our business. We call it Aginic Social Value, and it’s a new way of looking at Corporate Social Responsibility.

We want our Aginic family to help us with our vision in a way that aligns with our values and focuses on the social outcomes that mean most to us. We’ll do this through our newly defined areas for giving.

We will support our new ecosystem by playing to our core strength, with the identification and creation of valuable social impact data and insights. Truly living our vision of Insight For Purpose.