Action for good

Aginic Social Value

We are building a social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking to drive shared value for our communities and our business. We call it Aginic Social Value.

We recognise that work is a big part of our life, so it makes sense not only to weave our goodness and impact into our day to day, but also focus on growing it. Our core values, our people, our expertise, as well as industry and community needs, create the foundation of our shared value: Aginic Social Value. 

Our purpose is to generate positive social impact while running a thriving business. The way we do that is through ideas that we set in motion to reach our ambitious goals. We seek out opportunities to change the way the world works, and we start initiatives that we believe will benefit our business as well the society around us. These initiatives are influenced by community and industry needs, and keep us busy coming up with innovative products and new ways to solve complex problems. 

Our social outcomes

Our social outcomes are our long-term and high-level goals, influenced by community needs and the needs of the industries we work with. Each social outcome is an umbrella for a large range of initiatives that our team members are driving.

Healthy and happy people

We support and promote a healthy lifestyle, and for this to be achievable for every human. We have years of experience working both hands-on in the health industry, as well as supporting health organisations through our consulting.

Supporting non-profit organisations

We support and join forces with non-profit organisations, and aim to be a vital part of our giving community. We have a history of giving back to the community, and through Aginic Social Value we can amplify our impact.

A healthy planet for future generations

We want to be a business and a team that leaves the planet better than we found it. By influencing each other in our team, as well as our clients and partners, we can help improve the wellbeing of our planet.

Growing bright minds for a bright future

We believe the way to a healthier, happier future is through fair education for all. From recruiting university students, supporting education start-ups, consulting with a broad range of education providers through to supporting and encouraging development and education through our organisation and sharing externally – we love to learn!

Insights for positive action

Data is our specialty, and we want to use our expertise for good. We strive to understand and improve our impact on our communities and the world. We want to use our collective experience to make data insights visible, clear and change-making.