Analytics & Visualisation

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The way that we present this insight into a consumable and usable platform for all levels of your organisation is often achievable through elegant data visualisations.

Our design team seamlessly enhance the value your organisation can attribute from this data by using best practice user experience and design thinking to amplify your strategic insights through elegant design.

Elegant and intuitive data visualisations is one of our core services. Our design team use human-centred methods to understand users and create effective design workflows. By including design early in our projects, we ensure that the users and their needs are considered every step of the way.

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Analytics & Visualisation


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Advanced Analytics

Next-generation analytics isn’t just a far-fetched idea of the future – advanced analytics is here today, and it can help drive your business into the 21st Century with Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis and Text mining.

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Dashboards with lively visualisations encourage the user to explore their data and discover valuable insights at the click of a button.

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BI Portals

We provide and develop streamlined solutions so your users know where to look and can quickly find the information they need.

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With a focus on all things innovation, I love a technical challenge and push for disruption and commercial simplicity. I grew up in the Channel Islands in Europe, studied at Oxford University and worked for 6 years in London at Detica, a niche Analytics firm. I then had the opportunity to move to Brisbane to set up and build the EY analytics team before kicking things off with Aginic.

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