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Through our approach, complex questions can be modelled and understood. Business and technology come together to offer newfound intelligence, and that’s where we really get our kicks. But it’s just the start.

The way that we present this insight into a consumable and usable platform for all levels of your organisation is often achievable through elegant data visualisations. Our design team seamlessly enhance the value your organisation can attribute from this data by using best practice user experience and design thinking to amplify your strategic insights through elegant design.

Elegant and intuitive data visualisations is one of our core services. Our design team use human-centred methods to understand users and create effective design workflows. By including design early in our projects, we ensure that the users and their needs are considered every step of the way.

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Advanced Analytics

Next-generation analytics isn’t just a far-fetched idea of the future – advanced analytics is here today, and it can help drive your business into the 21st Century with Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis and Text mining.

Machine learning

Using state-of-the-art algorithms and vast quantities of data, computers are able to process and derive insights 24/7 at a speed that is far greater than that of any analyst. Whether your use case is predicting wait times of a retail service, identifying train network bottlenecks in real-time, or identifying complex risk factors in real-life patients, advanced analytics can give your business the competitive edge that it needs.

Cluster Analysis

In a sprawling ocean of multi-dimensional data, it can be impossible to figure out how to create order out of the chaos. Finding hidden patterns in your user base can seem ambitious and daunting, but cluster analysis can help your business identify market segments on a deeper level.

Text mining

Understanding your customers by painstakingly scraping through survey data, doctor’s notes, and customer feedback is a thing of the past. Modern analytics tools can allow businesses to identify insights from unstructured text data in a flash, without the need for manual intervention. From identification of critical phrases in WHS forms, to automatic classification of positive and negative feedback from customers, there is a wealth of information in words just waiting to be found.

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BI Portals

Secure. Stable. Scalable. Having insight into your data is good – clutter isn’t. We provide and develop streamlined solutions so your users know where to look and can quickly find the information they need. In a world of multiple login credentials and siloed workspaces, we provide a bridging BI portal to connect and inform all your users.

A uniform approach to development and deployment means that users spend time gleaning insights from dashboards, not searching for key visuals. With Aginic taking the guesswork out of setting up your enterprise solution, you can concentrate on using your data to the full extent from Day One.

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BI Risk Intelligence

Businesses today are becoming ever more digital, dynamic and interconnected. Risk and uncertainty can strike any business and comes from many sources. It can impact quickly and sometimes without warning. Intelligent risk-taking involves taking the right risks at the right times. By acting swiftly and confidently, organisations realise opportunities.

Throughout our numerous engagements, we have noticed that many companies do not get value from the cost, time and efforts they put into traditional risk management approaches. We encourage clients to move away from their traditional risk management practices and utilise their data to fully understand their business. Through a data-focused approach, risk intelligence combines data-driven insights to support and challenge the intuition of experienced managers, helping to shape the actions they take.

We believe that every organisation is different and there is no one size fits all approach to risk. We work with you to understand how your organisation ticks, how decisions are made, what the sweet spot for performance looks like and how data and information is stored and used. We then help you connect relevant data sets (internal and external) and build simple, interactive and visually appealing solutions that provide you with the risk intelligence you need.

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BI strategy & roadmapping

Our world is changing – rapidly and constantly. The old saying of “fail to plan, then plan to fail” has given way to the concept of “failing fast”, with short iterative bursts of planning and execution to test ideas and measure success.

Long, arduous “tick box” strategy documents bore us (and let’s be honest, no one wants to read 100 pages of strategy). With the speed of change in the market and your business, taking six months to develop a strategy means it could be outdated before it is finalised. With that as a backbone, our version is short, action-focused and to the point – our experienced team take the time to understand your current data landscape, your business needs and your BI dreams, and we’ll help you build an approach that is agile and effective. We’ll document it succinctly so you can move on to actions, and help you evolve the strategy as your business grows.

There is nothing more effective at evaluating success than giving it a go, and using the results to chart your next step. We’ll help you accelerate the thinking about business and technology so you can pick up the tools and move forward.

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Through a simple and elegant data dashboard, information captured and stored across a range of disparate systems is centralised into a single organisational view, making insights accessible when you need them to improve business decisions and actions.

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Data Warehousing

As the size and needs of your business grow, the demand for analytics increases. Your analytics stack requires a strong core foundation to meet this demand reliably and correctly. By building a data warehouse, you will have a single elegant solution for storing and accessing data.

This data warehouse can serve as the single point of access to your Business Intelligence tools, your analysts, data scientists, and other systems. We will help you rapidly develop a data warehousing methodology that will scale to large teams, provide correct data, and lower development time.

Further to our belief in simple and elegant solutions, we have embraced cloud data warehousing. Compared to traditional data warehouse these highly scalable, low-cost warehouses allow you to focus less on building data pipelines and capacity planning and instead serve the business. In addition to cloud data warehouses, we have a proven track-record with on-premise data solutions, and we have experience in bringing the best parts of the cloud to your on-premise systems.

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Data & analytics strategy

You have the data and the people. You need the analytics. Too many times you’ve presented visuals only to be asked “So what?” We can help – by asking “So what next?”

At Aginic, we’re big enough to dare, small enough to care – and we want to take you on that journey with us. We can help shape your analytics strategy from raw data to actionable insights. We’ll help to provide you with rapid, real-time insights that give you the business intelligence you need right now, and the depth of understanding you need to plan for the future.

Making decisions based on gut feelings is a practice of the past. Evidence based decisions are here to stay. No data, no decision. We empower you to reach this level of business maturity, and lay the foundation for a business that won’t just survive, but will thrive.

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Social media listening & analytics

In our digital age, over half the Australian population uses social media each day. What can those conversations tell you about the latest trends, concerns and sentiment towards your brand?

Social listening provides you with the ability to access digital conversations across the web, make sense of the noise and take action.

Whether you are a government agency serving the public, or a retailer competing in a rapidly-evolving market, social listening and analytics can help inform your strategy, manage risk, monitor your competitive landscape and connect with your customers in real-time.

Since 2016, Aginic has partnered with Netbase, a cloud-based platform that has been independently recognised by Forrester as a global leader in Enterprise Social Listening. From extensive partnerships with social media providers like Facebook and Twitter, to advanced text, sentiment, image and geo-analysis capabilities, NetBase offers powerful insights that we derive value from to help you lead the change.

Learn more about how we can help you understand your customer better than ever.

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UX Design

User Experience Design relates to the entire process of integrating a product and how this will impact users. This includes branding, design, usability and functionality. How the user will interact with the product or service is assessed through techniques such as A/B testing of options or the release of Minimum Viable Products (MVP’s) to collect data from real user interactions. This data provides the feedback required for successful Agile delivery and the delivery of real value to customers and users.

As experimentation and user feedback is at the heart of user experience, our team are focused on creating an innovative, dynamic culture of transformation and delivery. We focus on the creation of a ‘safe to fail, safe to learn’ culture that enables individuals, teams, and leaders to push the boundaries as they create new customer experiences.

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