Aginic Design Workshop

Collaborative rapid protyping

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Aginic Design Workshop (ADW) is an intensive and collaborative design process that uses design thinking to define goals, validating assumptions and deciding on best approach before starting development. It’s highly recommended to rapidly validate or invalidate hypotheses using real end-users before committing resources to build the solution. Design workshop provides the stakeholders a tested, interactive visual prototype, as well as a workshop report outlining the findings and conclusions from the conducted user testing. The design workshop is always flexible and can be tailored depending on project needs.

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Co-founder and managing director of AginicDS, James is an experienced agile coach and delivery manager with an impressive track record of helping teams and organisations across the world find pragmatic ways of improving the way they deliver for their customers. Equally comfortable working with a single team or an entire company, James is able to help people quickly make improvements in a fail safe way and keep the momentum of change up over the long term. Recently James has worked with organisations such as Suncorp, Marks & Spencer, Sky and MOO Print Ltd to establish improved delivery practices and build high performing teams.

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