“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

~ Carol Burnett


Days are numbered for intense change management, fuelled by over analysis, mounds of documentation and forgettable generic training. In the BI world where insights make all the difference, perspective shifts to be less about the change and more about the individual and how they process information.

Gaining a deeper understanding of human psychology and behaviour, helps ensure people continue to embody the change they want and need.


From day one, we put the individual at the centre of change. We rapidly tease out the critical details around how they interact with information and respond to sensory cues, building a change approach that works for them. We then provide each person with access to a personalised change hub, where they can set their own change targets and track real improvements in their workflow.

To complement these steps our solution team provide access to a virtual sandpit where people interact with custom components. This enables active skill development with the added benefit of capturing data to highlight change efficacy.


Our grass-roots change mindset is individualised from leadership through to the people on the ground. It is selectively targeted toward employees that need it, when they need it. This takes pressure away from staff and minimises business disruption during periods of change.

We designed this approach with the success of pop culture in mind. Where good stories of change get propagated between individuals, groups and teams to the point where it becomes deeply rooted into culture, sub-cultures and human psyche. Where change is wanted, not merely accepted.