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Benoit Perigaud
Benoit Perigaud Analyst

A quick guide to choosing the best scraping tool for the job

As data analysts and data scientists, there are many occasions where we would like to run analysis on data available online, on different pages or even websites, but not in a consolidated format easy to ingest in our favourite tool. Here is a quick guide on a selection of three different tools and which one to use based on the circumstances.

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Design Studio
Design Studio

Good practices for working from home

Working from home has been sought after in flexible working arrangements for a while now, but how many businesses know how to operate with a remote workforce? Our team at Aginic has been set up to work remotely because of the work we do, and we would love to share our experience of working from home. 

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Sam Kosky
Sam Kosky Engineering

Transforming Customer Experience in a Global Travel and Tourism Business

A leading travel and tourism business, has transformed the customer experience, addressed pressing regulatory requirements, and positioned itself to reap a data-infused competitive edge following a major data modernisation program. Replacing a struggling AWS solution with a richly featured Microsoft Azure foundation, they took an agile approach, working with Aginic to make the giant leap in just a matter of weeks.

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Paul Thornton
Paul Thornton Delivery

Agile Anti-Patterns: Partial Agile

In this first of a series of posts, I will discuss and offer up some suggestive action to some agile anti-patterns that may resonate with you, especially if you have gone through, are going through, or about to embark on an agile transformation journey.

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Christine Dixon
Christine Dixon Analyst

Empowering Data Driven Decision Making In Aged Care

With a 65 year history, Blue Care is one of the largest aged-care providers in Queensland. A team of 8,000 staff provide more than 3 million visits a year to empower older Queenslanders to live life their way. Hear how data driven decision making changed the way they worked, for good.

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Michael Mantfeld
Michael Mantfeld Engineering

DevOps in the Discovery Sprint

Deciding how much time to spend on DevOps is difficult at any stage. Here are a few useful tips on how DevOps can play a role during a project's discovery sprint!

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