Ben Forbes
Ben Forbes

Aginic announces new partnership with ThoughtSpot


Leading data analytics, business intelligence (BI) and adaptive delivery agency Aginic has today announced a partnership with search and AI driven analytics platform ThoughtSpot.

The partnership comes as Aginic expand their footprint across Australia, adding to their already thriving Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and ACT offices to establish new foundations in Darwin and Adelaide.

The addition of ThoughtSpot into Aginic’s services catalogue enhances an already impressive list of technology vendor partnerships, although this time with a unique twist.

ThoughtSpot empowers any business user in any industry, regardless of their technical sophistication, to unearth insights hidden in their enterprise data. Employees can answer questions they know using a simple search and get answers back instantly. With SpotIQ, ThoughtSpot’s AI engine users get relevant insights to questions they care about, but didn’t even know to ask. With the launch of SearchIQ, users can literally talk to their data generate insights in seconds, anywhere and everywhere decisions are made.

Having established an impressive portfolio of data analytics and BI projects, most notably across Australia’s Health, Education and Defence sectors, Aginic has recognised a unique opportunity to transfer cutting-edge data analytics principles into Australian businesses across a variety of sectors.

Aginic Founder and Director Brett Thebault said the partnership will open up a whole new realm of exciting opportunities for Australian business.

“It will certainly complement solutions with our existing clients, and allow us to provide new industry’s with a renewed opportunity to generate meaningful insights from their data in a user friendly way,” said Thebault.

Aginic’s Sydney-based Director David Hodges said that the platforms user friendliness provides data teams with renewed capacity to dive deeper into more complex areas of their data mix.

“You want your data teams to be tackling the complex and technically challenging problems.  ThoughtSpot enables self service to become a reality at the front line, making data informed decisions to become the norm rather than the exception and allowing the specialised teams to be focusing on where they can make the biggest impact” said Hodges.

ThoughtSpot’s search & AI-driven analytics platform puts the power of 1000 analysts into the hands of non-technical business people without requiring any special training.

Through the technology, any business user can use ThoughtSpot’s simple search-driven analytics to answer questions they know to ask, while its AI-driven analytics engine, SpotIQ, automatically answers thousands of questions a user would care about but wouldn’t even know to ask.

“We are very excited to join forces with Aginic, the perfect combination of a client-centric and market-focused business partner,” said Toni Adams, VP of Global Channels & Alliances, ThoughtSpot. “We are looking forward to bringing the unique business value of ThoughtSpot’s Search and AI driven platform to enterprises throughout Australia through Aginic’s market leading advisory and implementation practice.”

To learn more about how Aginic can drive new insights for your business through ThoughtSpot, visit, or schedule your free demonstration here.