Published April 17, 2023

Aginic announces partnership with data quality company Soda

Aginic has announced its Australian-first partnership with Soda, the data quality company, that brings everyone closer to the data. Learn more about how Aginic and Soda will drive a new frontier of data quality.

Aginic and Soda announce partnership to drive data quality and reliability for clients.

Aginic, a leading provider of data analytics solutions, and Soda, a leading data quality company, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to help clients improve the reliability and quality of their data.

The partnership will bring together Aginic’s deep expertise in data analytics with Soda’s cutting-edge data quality management platform to deliver comprehensive solutions for monitoring, testing, and validating data pipelines in real-time. The joint offering will enable clients to optimise their data operations, improve data accuracy, and reduce the risk of data errors and compliance issues.

“We are excited to partner with Soda to bring our clients the latest data quality platform on the market,” said Richard Glew, Chief Technology Officer of Aginic. “Aginic’s purpose is to transform the way people experience data and a big part of that is improving the reliability and quality of data that businesses depend on. We see Soda as a great enabler for data teams focused on optimising data management practices” said David Hodges, Director of Aginic.

The partnership between Aginic and Soda will enable clients to benefit from the expertise of two leading data companies, providing them with unparalleled insights into their data operations and ensuring that they are always making decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

“Organizations around the world are fundamentally changing their approach to data, with data teams increasingly working in decentralized, domain-driven structures. Central to this change is that the domain teams have the support, accountability, and ability to use and share their data,” explained Koen van Duyse, Head of Customer, Soda. “We are excited today to announce our partnership with Aginic, a company that deeply understands the change that’s taking place across organizations, and is actively working with customers across Australia to drive better business outcomes. We look forward to working together with Aginic to bring Soda’s range of features and capabilities that have been built for the analysts and data consumers in companies who are building innovative new products using data, and the teams responsible for producing data, to new customers across the region.”

To learn more about how Aginic can enable organisations to have more accurate and reliable data with Soda, click here.

Richard Glew
by Richard Glew