Published June 10, 2021

Aginic announces new partnership with communication, digital and creative expert, Rowland

Aginic has announced its partnership with Rowland, a leading Australian communication, digital and creative agency.   

With a wealth of big data now available to governments and organisations, this partnership lets us combine data integration and analysis with business strategy – with a particular focus on brand reputation and strategic stakeholder communication.

Central to the partnership offering is each business’s respective work in leveraging social media and customer sentiment data to understand market trends, brand perception, customer feedback and the competitor landscape.

Angel Chan, Chief Operating Officer at Aginic, describes what this means for our clients. “Social media data is generally interesting, but on its own, it often leads to a, ‘So what?’ We’re excited to partner with Rowland to make social and customer sentiment analysis more meaningful and actionable in two ways.

Firstly, we integrate other relevant data sources to enrich analysis – from a company’s sales figures and marketing campaign metrics, through to public demographic data published by government agencies. That helps us identify relationships between sentiment and business performance, and derive a mix of quantitative and qualitative insights.

Secondly, we draw on Rowland’s deep expertise in brand and communication strategy to identify how these insights can drive action – such as announcing a new acquisition or product effectively to a target audience, or managing reputation during a crisis or incident under public scrutiny.”

Formed in 1992, Rowland is one of Australia’s leading strategic communication and advisory firms that champions communication as a powerful strategic function to help clients build sustainable organisational, corporate and commercial value.  

The organisation supports clients on business-critical issues and events, such as corporate or financial transactions, managing sensitive issues or crises, securing a licence to operate for a major infrastructure, development or resources project, government and regulatory reform, or bringing exciting new brands, products or services to market.  

Founder, Geoff Rodgers OAM, believes the Aginic partnership is symbolic of how Australian businesses now operate. 

“Our work in data analytics has become integral to our broader communication offer and has become a point of difference in our sector. Being able to predict both rational and irrational perceptions towards brands helps us to protect and enhance our client’s reputations,” said Mr Rodgers.  

“While we have created a niche in putting context around analysing data from a reputation perspective, the ability to marry this insight with business intelligence is critical. For that reason, the relationship with Aginic is an important one and provides our clients with a robust, well-founded basis for creating proactive strategies.” 

Both firms have delivered a range of sentiment projects across all three levels of government and for organisations in key sectors of health, agribusiness, resources, finance, retail, sports and professional services. 

To learn more about the partnership, join the upcoming webinar addressing how combining public sentiment with business data can shape your next-generation business and communications strategy. Click here to register!

To learn more about Aginic’s work in data analytics, click here.  

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