Published September 25, 2020

Our journey towards sharing, tracking, and amplifying goodness

We are building a social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking to drive shared value for our communities and our business. We call it Aginic Social Value. Check out how we’re working towards supporting and teams and our communities for good!

We are building a social ecosystem that uses innovative thinking to drive shared value for our communities and our business. We call it Aginic Social Value.

The foundation: our why

Before going too deep into talking about Aginic Social Value and what it means, we’d like to take a couple of steps back and talk about why Aginic Social Value exists in the first place. 

Meet the friendly astronaut. You can call this Aginic’s brand personality. The friendly astronaut embodies our five core values: Friendly, Genuine, Technical to the top, Output over input, and Chasing the unicorn.

Our core values are about Aginic being a positive and impactful force in the world. We value being connected to other people and help improve their experiences using innovation and creative problem-solving. This is what our values are all about: creating useful and purposeful goodness in the world. 

From our core values that form the foundation of Aginic, we have grown into a company that wants to take conscious strides towards a better version of the world we live in, and the communities around us. Aginic Social Value is about activities that have a positive impact on our lives, our communities, and the world.

How we got started

In the beginning of the Aginic Social Value journey, we called it CSR (corporate social responsibility) but since then we have evolved this to be so much more, with goals that matter to us. What has inspired our model the most is a term called Creating Shared Value. The concept of Creating Shared Value was introduced by Harvard Professor Michael Porter and Harvard Kennedy School of Government Senior Fellow Mark Kramer in two articles in Harvard Business Review in 2006 and 2011. Creating Shared Value aims to create long-term, sustainable business value while tackling societal issues at the same time. With this mindset, business can be a force for good.  

In January 2020 we sent out a survey to our team, to understand our people’s passions and beliefs around social impact. Based on the survey results, our core values, and our team expertise, we identified a set of high-level goals that are the core of our shared value: Aginic Social Value. These goals are strongly influenced by the needs of our communities and the industries we work with.


Our social outcomes

Our social outcomes are our long-term,  high-level and dreamy goals that will keep us motivated to do better, every day. Each social outcome is an umbrella for a large range of initiatives that our team members are driving, and they are powered by real needs in our communities and target industries. With the social outcomes as our guide, we seek out opportunities to change the way the world works to help make a long-lasting difference.

Healthy and happy people

We support and promote a healthy lifestyle, and for this to be achievable for every human.  We have years of experience working both hands-on in the health industry, as well as supporting health organisations through our consulting. It’s not just about big goals, but also our smaller goals of promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Supporting non-profit organisations

We support and join forces with non-profit organisations, and aim to be a vital part of our giving community. We have a history of giving back to the community, and through Aginic Social Value we can amplify our impact. 

A healthy planet for our future generations

When we surveyed our team’s thoughts on social value, the resounding top priority was the environment. We want to be a business and a team that leaves the planet better than how we found it.

Growing bright minds for a bright future

Like many, we believe the way to a healthier, happier future is through fair education for all. From recruiting university students, supporting education start-ups, consulting with a broad range of education providers through to supporting and encouraging development and education through our organisation and sharing externally – we love to learn!

Insights for positive action

Data is our specialty, and we want to use our expertise for good. We strive to understand and improve our impact on our communities and the world. We want to use our collective experience to make data insights visible, clear and change-making. 

Next steps in our journey

After we quantify what we currently do to support our social outcomes, we will start setting clear targets. We want to measure our impact and the value that Aginic Social Value has to our team, our communities, and the world. This will eventually grow into our social value data hub: this is what will measure and inform future visions and decisions. The data hub will work as a guide towards understanding how Aginic social value impacts our team members and communities around us. 

We are very excited to have started our journey towards sharing, tracking and amplifying goodness! We will keep on sharing our progress as we continue to grow Aginic Social Value and its initiatives.  

by Aginic