Aginic supports leading research into information resilience

Aginic has officially partnered with The University of Queensland (UQ) to support world-leading research into Information Resilience.

The partnership comes as part of the Morrison Government’s funding commitment towards investing in partnerships between universities and industry to produce research with real-world commercial outcomes.

By collaborating with data custodians and domain experts, as well as researching AI, analytics and data management solutions, The University of Queensland will harness the power of big data to improve productivity and workforce capacity in Australian businesses through their new technology training centre.

The new ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience (CIRES) will be led by UQ data science expert Professor Shazia Sadiq.

“Poor data management, resulting in ‘bad data’, is one of the biggest risk factors for emerging digital technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous decision making,” Professor Sadiq said.

“It can result in lost business opportunities, reduced revenue and cybersecurity threats.

“Responsible, secure and agile data can transform businesses, but many organisations are struggling to enable and accelerate value creation from their data assets.

“At the Centre, we will aim to remove the barriers to data-driven transformation by bringing together business organisation end-users, technology providers and cutting-edge research.”

Aginic will partner with PhD students and early career researchers from the new ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience (CIRES) to support research into a series of analytics and data management projects.

Aginic Director Rob Mackay said the partnership provides a unique opportunity to welcome a fresh perspective on some important focus areas for the organisation, while offering a chance to give back to the future of the industry.

“We’re super excited to partner with a crop of leading PhD and early career researchers to further support our industry’s approach to information resilience. In partnership with our researchers, we’ll examine the patterns of interaction between analytics and business groups across a variety of data analytics projects, with the view of better understanding and quantifying the value and impact of data analytics projects across an enterprise,” said Mackay.

The project officially kicks off in 2021!

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