Christine Dixon
Christine Dixon Analyst

X Marks The Spot

Treasure hunting for data. The importance of getting all stakeholders together to ascertain whether you "have the data" in the first place.

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Olga Drath
Olga Drath Analyst

Women In Health Informatics

Catch up with Aginic Analyst Olga Drath as she shares her experience running the inaugural 'Women in Health Informatics' event from our Melbourne Headquarters in September.

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Michael Mantfeld
Michael Mantfeld Engineering

Elasticsearch and IoT

When I started deep diving into Elastic Stack I found myself coming back to a single thought; “Damn, I really wish I knew about this on my last IoT project.” Hear Michael Mantfield's take on using the Elastic Stack for IoT.

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Blake Entwisle
Blake Entwisle Analyst

From Academia to Industry

One of the interesting things about moving from academia to industry are the questions you get asked by current students.  "How did you did it?" is one that pops up a lot...

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Brett & Marty
Brett & Marty

We Are Five

It doesn't feel that long ago Marty and I were Senior Managers navigating the politics of Big 4 consulting.

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