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Export report & vintage survey dashboard

The Market Insights team at Wine Australia needed a tool to present and filter information to give grape and wine businesses the information they needed to make informed decisions. We worked with Wine Australia in a cross-functional team of data analysts, designers, data engineers, front-end web developers and delivery leads. Together we collaborated to create user-centred dashboards that are publicly available on their website.

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Predicting elite cricket performance with data science

Cricket Australia’s goal was to explore the value and possibility of accurately predicting elite batting performance in One Day International cricket (ODI) based on junior performance data. In practical terms, coaches wanted to explore if advanced analytics could assist them to identify which junior players may have the potential to become elite professional players in the future.

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Transforming customer experience in a global travel and tourism business

A leading travel and tourism business has transformed the customer experience, addressed pressing regulatory requirements, and positioned itself to reap a data-infused competitive edge following a major data modernisation program. Replacing a struggling AWS solution with a richly featured Microsoft Azure foundation, they took an agile approach, working with Aginic to make the giant leap in just a matter of weeks.

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Improved Practice Management

Cubiko, developed and hosted by Aginic is a cloud based software solution which draws data from across clinical practice management, accounting and staff rostering systems to produce dashboards customised to the needs of General Practice Owners, Practice Managers, Doctors, Nurses and Receptionists. Cubiko displays data in easy to understand dashboards and provides a real-time overview of critical tasks that need to be monitored for completion to maintain high standards of patient care and cash flow.

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