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Automated Beverages

Simple applications of AI lay the groundwork for complex projects. By engaging in discrete initiatives that inspire and delight, we begin to see the ways that artificial intelligence can solve problems in novel and exciting ways. The interjection of machine learning into beverage operations today, could be the beginning of something much larger tomorrow.

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Company restructure using a sorting hat

At Aginic, we’ve been organised into cross functional teams (or squads) for a few years now. It has helped us navigate through some turbulent times whilst staying closely connected and delivering great outcomes for our clients. However, having grown rapidly in the past 6 months, we decided it was time to spruce up our squad model and even allocations of who was in each squad. 

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December Goodness round up

Late last year, the Aginic Team shared tips, tricks, articles and other content we discovered during 2021. So, in case you missed it, here’s a roundup of all that #DecemberGoodness! Enjoy!

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R U OK? Day 2021

Today is R U OK Day! To spread awareness about R U OK, and encourage open conversations in our team, Rob and Marty sat down to answer a few questions. Check out the video to get insight into why we value genuine and friendly relationships, with open conversations about how we are going.

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Aginic commits to improving the safety of women in Greater Sydney

At Aginic, we’re driven by our desire for positive impact in the communities we serve. That’s why we’re proud to be a participant of the Greater Sydney Women’s Safety Charter, a program bringing together businesses, government agencies, peak groups and not-for-profit organisations to take action that improves the safety of women and girls in Greater Sydney. 

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Good practices for working from home

Working from home has been sought after in flexible working arrangements for a while now, but how many businesses know how to operate with a remote workforce? Our team at Aginic has been set up to work remotely because of the work we do, and we would love to share our experience of working from home. 

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