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User Stories | What is a User Story?

A user story is a simple description used to understand a feature to be made, typically used in Agile work environments; the story of a user. They are meant to be told from the end user's perspective to contrive the most business value.

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Assessments are not all bad

If you’re familiar with maturity assessments, you may have heard a few criticisms about their value and effectiveness. In Felix Kiefer's experience, what has been evident is that assessments that are owned by the team produce more value.

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Transforming customer experience in a global travel and tourism business

A leading travel and tourism business has transformed the customer experience, addressed pressing regulatory requirements, and positioned itself to reap a data-infused competitive edge following a major data modernisation program. Replacing a struggling AWS solution with a richly featured Microsoft Azure foundation, they took an agile approach, working with Aginic to make the giant leap in just a matter of weeks.

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Agile anti-patterns: Partial agile

In this first of a series of posts, I will discuss and offer up some suggestive action to some agile anti-patterns that may resonate with you, especially if you have gone through, are going through, or about to embark on an agile transformation journey.

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