Published February 2, 2021

Cubiko releases COVID-19 vaccination feasibility tool

Cubiko has officially released their ‘COVAX feasibility tool’, helping General Practices across Australia understand the financial, staffing, and community impacts of the COVID-19 vaccination. Jump in to learn more about how Cubiko are making waves in the GP space!

If you’ve spent a bit of time around or with our Aginic fam over the last few years, chances are you’ve come across our ventures backed product Cubiko.

Since launch in 2017, the Cubiko team has been making huge waves in General Practices right across Australia, working tirelessly to enable every practice to perform at its best, every day. Cubiko offers a unique insights platform that unites over 170 sets of disparate practice-related data and platforms into one simple, interactive and customisable dashboard, supporting better business operations and ultimately patient care.

Think of operations metrics like doctor room utilisation, the number of appointments per hour, revenue vs appointments per hour, and overall billing impact to name a few..

It’s now all available with the click of a button through Cubiko.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2019, the team recognised a huge shift in the way practices had to adapt to rapidly changing ‘new norm’. Dealing with cancelled appointments, quarantine regulations, the transition to telehealth, and the complex new methods of financial reporting to just name a few of the challenges. The pandemic has had a huge impact on many practices right across Australia.

At the time, we saw the Cubiko team group together to support the industry by offering their free dashboard ‘Cubiko Assist’. A purpose-built insights tool containing a suite of important metrics to help practices manage their businesses, and care for patients throughout COVID-19. With over 200 downloads within the last 12 months, ‘Cubiko Assist’ well and truly made its mark in the industry across Australia and recognised Cubiko as a market leader in supporting practices to perform at their best, for every patient every day. 

And that support hasn’t stopped since! 

Just last week, Cubiko Founder and CEO Chris Smeed dropped another one of the team’s latest offerings, the COVAX feasibility tool.

Designed to assist practice managers, doctors and owners grapple with the many unknowns around how to best manage the COVID-19 vaccination delivery, Cubiko, in partnership with Surgical Partners, and Medical Business Services have built a free tool that measures the feasibility of administering the vaccination across their communities.

The COVAX feasibility tool uses practice entered data to solve complex issues around the financial viability of COVID vaccinations, the opportunity cost of delivery, the COVID vaccinations, a breakdown on the logistics of delivery, and understanding the impact on the continuation of normal patient care requirements. At its broadest level, it helps answer questions around the financial, staffing, and community impacts of the vaccination.

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Over the next few years, we can expect to see a shift in the way General Practices approach the management of the COVID vaccination rollout, among other day-to-day practice operations. The pandemic is set to leave a lasting mark on the way the industry as a whole thinks about operations, to ensure they’re delivering the best, most sustainable care now and into the future.

Cubiko’s release of the COVAX feasibility tool is not only a reflection of their strong, purpose-driven ethos to support the community, but also another fantastic example of a progressive start-up thinking differently about how to solve complex challenges using smart data. And that’s something we can definitely get around!

Congratulations team Cubiko.

To dive deeper, check out this awesome article from CEO Chris Smeed.

Learn more about how Aginic Ventures has supported Cubiko here.

Go team Cubiko!

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