Aginic commits to improving the safety of women in Greater Sydney

At Aginic, we’re driven by our desire for positive impact in the communities we serve. That’s why we’re proud to be a participant of the Greater Sydney Women’s Safety Charter, a program bringing together businesses, government agencies, peak groups and not-for-profit organisations to take action that improves the safety of women and girls in Greater Sydney.

Over the coming months, our Aginic team will be collaborating to activate leading initiatives that continue recognising the diverse experiences of women, working to promote a safer city for women of all ages, abilities, identities, and social and cultural backgrounds.

We caught up with Aginic Designer, and Women’s Safety Charter champion Jodie Hui to learn more about the program, and how we’re committed to making a difference for all women across Sydney and beyond.

Q&A with Jodie Hui, Women’s Safety Charter Champion

Tell us a little bit more about the Greater Sydney Women’s Safety Charter, and why Aginic is involved?

The Charter aims to improve the safety of women and girls in Greater Sydney by influencing participating organisations’ policies and practices, services planning, and delivery. It includes three key areas – creating a Culture of Gender Equity, a Commitment to listen, share and reflect, and a commitment to collective action and continuous improvement. By signing up to the Charter, Aginic is committed to driving positive change in all of these areas. This is important to us as an organisation, aligning closely with our Aginic Social Values initiative. 

What are some of the initiatives you’ll kick off in the foreseeable future that will contribute to improving the safety of women and girls in Greater Sydney/Aginic?

To kickstart this movement at Aginic, we’ll be having an ideation session to gather input from the wider team. This will help us define the vision and goals we will be working towards. Other initiatives already in the pipeline include; defining a safety policy, nominating leaders to champion safety in each geography (our offices are spread across the country), and extracting insights from demographic data to tie into our Internal Analytics program. 

In your opinion, how important are these initiatives in building safer cities for women? 

These initiatives are absolutely critical in building safer, more inclusive, and productive cities for women. At Aginic, they will ensure all staff can fully participate in their roles internally and while on client site, leading to improved breadth and quality of ideas, productivity, and employee wellbeing.

How does this program tie into Aginic’s broader social values initiative?

Aginic Social Value is our take on corporate social responsibility. It’s based on our desire for positive impact in the communities we serve, and includes five giving areas that are linked to our social outcomes; enabling people to live a healthier life, growing brighter minds for a brighter future, caring for our planet and its future humans, supporting for-purpose organisations and providing data for a purpose. The Charter is closely aligned with these outcomes and is therefore a great fit for Aginic. 

How can anyone interested keep in touch with Aginic’s work in this space?

We’ll be posting regular updates on our BOOMBOX blog, and our social channels.

Stay connected to join us on this journey!