Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander

My first encounter with Aginic’s ‘get it done’ culture

When I first started at Aginic, I had an idea of the great work that Aginic had done but didn’t really know the specifics. I wanted to learn more and share some key wins with prospective clients. After digging around in shared drives and talking to people, I struggled to find any fleshed-out case studies or demos of our previous work. I was frustrated, as I knew there was a knowledge gap, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  

I emailed Brett & Marty about developing a publicly-available demo site that would be a great resource for business development and marketing. Brett’s immediate response was “Great idea, get it done”. 

Within three months after my initial suggestion, it was done! Our ‘Playground’ by Aginic demo site was already live. I was really stoked there was already something to show prospective clients.  I am so proud of the team’s effort, especially our Head of DesignOps Pietari, who went above and beyond to make this happen. 



My fellow Directors and I regularly use Playground to enable valuable conversations. We can demonstrate our true capability rather than just talking. This demo site currently has a range of dashboards demonstrating data analytics insights in retail, aged care, contextual text search and healthcare. I’m a healthcare professional and am very passionate about using data and analytics to make better decisions in our healthcare communities. We are adding extra healthcare dashboards to Playground, as it’s our core expertise at Aginic.

I’m so happy to be part of a great company with awesome people where good ideas turn into reality. I love the ‘get it done’ culture at Aginic. There have been so many examples in the short time I have been at Aginic. We created a new company mission: ‘We solve problems, differently’. We also kicked off ‘Project Soul‘ with the objective of solving business problems with analytics and technology, rather than leading with technology. 

Bolstered by these recent wins, I started a ‘Customer Success Unit’. The concept is focused on the client after the completion of projects to ensure that success was achieved and the client is hitting their ROI targets. When I  presented this concept to the broader Director team, it was deemed a “no-brainer”, “get it done!”. In true Aginic-style, the squads took the concept and incorporated it into their way of working and got it done!!!




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Mark is passionate about enabling clients to make data-driven decisions, and making the complex simple! He bridges the gap between business and technology translating data and analytics into business value. Mark loves all things sport and health and migrated into data and analytics through elite sport being a Sports Physiotherapist at three Olympic Games with the Australian Triathlon team. Mark loves travelling and camping with his three awesome kids and amazing wife.

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