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We are part of something big

Mark Boongaling tells the story of our contribution to developing the eDash platform since he joined our team in late 2019. The eDash platform, developed in close collaboration with the Northern Territory Department of Education, has over the years evolved to create massive impact across a large range of education staff and most importantly, the students they serve.

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December Goodness round up

Late last year, the Aginic Team shared tips, tricks, articles and other content we discovered during 2021. So, in case you missed it, here’s a roundup of all that #DecemberGoodness! Enjoy!

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Intro to Kanban

Kanban is an Agile framework that focuses on flow and eliminating waste. It relies on complete transparency, not only in terms of communication, but work as well. Kanban is probably the biggest reason Post-it Notes are so tightly associated with Agile approaches. This is because at the core of the framework is the Kanban Board, a highly visible and accurate representation of work items and their current state. In the early days, these boards were created using sticky notes and markers, however, these days there are a significant number of digital tools to choose from.

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Intro to Agile

Agile can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It's an overarching set of values that guides certain practices. In short, Agile should be considered as a set of guiding principles and values and not a framework, it does not provide a series of steps to follow.

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