Published January 14, 2021

Project Soul

Brett reflects on how Aginic’s core identity developed and matured over the years. He talks about bringing Aginic back to its roots, solving business problems with analytics and technology, through what we call ‘Project Soul’.

My daughter, Anya, is 6 and a half… the half is important (apparently) when you’re her age. My wife and I have watched and supported as she has grown physically, mentally and emotionally, and needless to say has a fair way to go before she’s an adult. 

Why am I talking about my eldest child? Well in a moment of madness, around the time Anya was born, Marty and I made the call to exit the Big 4 world and start up Aginic. Through some hard work, some good contacts and a healthy dose of luck, Aginic has also grown in size, maturity and geography in the last 6 (and a half) years. 

At first, our focus was very much based on our own analytics and BI skills. We developed dashboards and analytical data models to solve business problems. We found other great people to help us, and our clients trusted that we could provide genuine value. Over time we kept building our team of great people which drove up the diversity of thought, and also the range of capability. 

After 3 or 4 years, just like with Anya, Aginic’s core identity developed and matured. We were talking to bigger clients and being recognised as an established leader in our field (perhaps this is where the analogy ends!!).

Something else happened along the way, a change in tack, initially small but then quickly noticeable. We started to move away from focusing purely on business needs and started to get distracted by the tech. Large tenders were released by large companies asking for support in building data warehouses or moving data to the cloud, and we started throwing our hat in the ring. This was a mistake.

The Aginic team loves solving problems. That is the core of what we do. We got sidetracked from our broader vision when we started focusing a bit too much on technology. We knew we needed to change up our strategy.

In August 2020 the director group went away for a couple of days of intensive strategy planning. We questioned our current position and set a clear vision for the future. We created a new company vision, ‘We solve problems, differently’, and in symbiosis we also kicked off ‘Project Soul’. 

Project Soul is about getting back to our roots and doing what we do so well: Solving business problems with analytics and technology, rather than leading with technology. 

We are back to why we started Aginic, and the brilliant business value we bring to our clients. I am excited about all the awesome things our team will bring in 2021!







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With a focus on all things innovation, I love a technical challenge and push for disruption and commercial simplicity. I grew up in the Channel Islands in Europe, studied at Oxford University and worked for 6 years in London at Detica, a niche Analytics firm. I then had the opportunity to move to Brisbane to set up and build the EY analytics team before kicking things off with Aginic.

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