Published February 5, 2021

The value of being open and honest

Dale Freya tells us a short but powerful story that shows the value of genuine relationships.

One day as a contract project manager I told the client “I’ve got no work to do. I’m going back to the office and I’m not going to charge you”. 


Years later, he called me up when he was at a new company and needed someone he trusted and we ended up doing a huge project with him. He told me I was the only consultant he had ever met who had ever put integrity over profit.

Aginic is built on the long-lasting relationships that emerge from our shared values. I’m proud to be a part of a company in which genuine relationships are foundational to success.



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Dale is a software engineer and data analyst specialising in web development and business intelligence using modern cloud technology. His experience includes building systems to scale for hundreds of millions of users. He has worked for both public and private sector organisations across industries such as health, recreation, entertainment, video games, education, and defence.

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Dale Freya
by Dale Freya