Published January 27, 2021

Trusting my heart and my gut vs playing it safe

David Hodges tells the story of how he got the opportunity to set up and grow our Aginic team in Sydney, and how that pushed him out of his comfort zone and into the unknown.

Everyone has forks in the road – in their life and in their careers. I was at the end of the road where I’d been for a long time. I’d worked my way up the greasy corporate pole to the highest level, but something didn’t feel right any more. I needed a change – I needed to grow – and I needed to feel excited about the future again.



I knew what I didn’t want, but did I know what I wanted? Not really. I spent time connecting with a bunch of different people and exploring different opportunities. I had a number of offers I could pursue, but for the most part, there was a lot of overlap with what I had been doing. They were play-it-safe options. It would be easy to say yes. It would be easy to do the job. But then what?

Around that time, I reconnected with Brett and Marty. They had created something special with Aginic – the people in the team were amazing – along with the feeling of freedom from bureaucracy and of anything being possible. It was an important time for Aginic – the team had grown well in Brisbane from two founders but now it was time to move beyond the Queensland border. 

We started doing some work together and it just felt right for everyone so the guys pitched me the unexpected – start up Aginic Sydney. 

Do I play it safe, or do I trust my heart and my gut and take the plunge into the unknown? Starting up Aginic Sydney was a huge change, a big risk but it felt right. Fast forward and I love the people, I love building the business, developing our team and having great experiences. I love what is possible in the future. 






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With over 20 years consulting experience including 9 as a Big4 partner, helping clients improve performance and manage risk better. I dived headfirst into the world of data and haven’t looked back! I co-founded Aginic Sydney and love being a part of our awesome growth story, working with our incredibly talented crew to solve business problems differently with data. Love tennis, running, and all things Max Tegmark.

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