Beautiful Evidence is about the theory and practice of analytical design.”

– Edward Tufte, Data Visualisation Pioneer


Aginic can create custom built visualisations that extend the use of your visual analytics software to display your data in unique ways as defined by your business concepts.

Our developers take your unique user requirements and create a new graph or chart that meets your exact specifications.


A custom visualisation extends the use of analytics to display your data as defined by your business rules. We will display the data in the best possible way to help your users understand difficult concepts without misinterpreting the information.

Custom visualisations also provide you the ability to create one of a kind charts that are unique to your business.


Custom visualisations ensure that hard to understand business concepts or unique ideas are communicated effectively and succinctly. This helps manage end users who may struggle to understand what actions to derive from the data; from traditional visualisations.

Bespoke visualisations to meet your needs

We understand that every organisation is different and there are times when traditional ways of visualising your data (e.g. bar chart, line chart, scatter plot) does not provide the end user with the insights they need.

We are also aware that the complexity of some data and the concepts and ideas being demanded by your end users; are at times not able to be met by traditional visualisation types. Each of our visualisations is fully customisable to make you stand out and to help your users understand and pull insights easily from your data.

AginicX, our sister company, is a pure mobile and web development company. They can create new and beautiful forms of data visualisation tailored specifically for your needs. They solve real world problems by building apps that people love to use. They transform data and workflows into engaging journeys by understanding your business and automating repetitive tasks. AginicX prefer projects that focus on improving human wellbeing and tackle complex social challenges.