Data & Insights

Transforming complex information into purposeful insight

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Data Analytics

Data analytics helps not only to understand, but also to predict business performance and outcomes.  Making decisions based on gut feelings is a practice of the past. Evidence based decisions are here to stay. We empower you to reach this level of business maturity, and lay the foundation for a business that thrive.

BI Portals

Tool that gives users a single, consolidated interface to locate and interact with all reporting assets in the organisation.

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Dashboards with lively visualisations encourage the user to explore their data and discover valuable insights at the click of a button.

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BI Risk Intelligence

Intelligent risk-taking involves taking the right risks at the right times. By acting swiftly and confidently, organisations realise opportunities.

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Data Science

Data science, the use of machines and statistics to discover complex data patterns, is a broad-reaching field with a number of different applications. As an interdisciplinary field, data science can feel overwhelming, which is where Aginic can help. Using the right platform to meet the unique needs and skillsets of your team, we assist you to achieve deep insights, but while keeping the solution explainable at every step.

Machine Learning

Next-generation analytics isn’t just a far-fetched idea of the future, advanced analytics is here today, and it can help drive your business into the 21st century

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Data Strategy

Data is an organisational asset, although it doesn’t reside on the balance sheet. It’s the key input that drives effective decision making through analytics-driven insights. Aginic’s data strategy solution is unique and breaks the mould from a typical strategy with lengthy reports, focusing on a quicker path to business value.

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We see software and technology as an enabler; we aren’t software salespeople. We combine best-of-breed technology solutions with the latest analytics techniques to deliver deep insights which provide lateral solutions to complex problem spaces.

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