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Understand your data better through elegant data visualisations

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Visualise your data

Data is an essential asset to your organisation, but it’s only as valuable as your ability to comprehend it and make informed decisions with it. At Aginic, we are hyper-focused on using cutting edge tools and technologies to create dashboards and business intelligence portals to provide you the most useful data insights for your business to thrive.

The real value in a dashboard is the ability to intuitively transform complex data structures into business value by capturing information stored across a range of disparate systems into a single centralised source of truth.

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Business value

The value of dashboards within your business can’t be understated. Our clients use dashboards in a variety of industries with an even wider range of user groups and stakeholders. Here are just a few examples of how dashboards can add value to your business:

Increase visibility

Access information that enables you to respond to the ever changing market conditions

Save time and money

Your data is centralised to one source for better efficiency

Improve forecasting

Gain more valuable insights over your customers and internal processes

Assess performance

Use generated data to create actionable insights for managers

Provide live analytics

Encourage your marketing teams to hone their efforts on the right customers at the right time

Help make better decisions

Provide clear guidance for your entire organisation or a functional area of the business

Empowering with insights

A business intelligence portal (BI Portal) is a platform that gives users a single, consolidated interface to locate and interact with a range of reporting assets in the organisation.

We design and develop modern solutions so your users know where to look and can quickly find the information they need. In a world of multiple login credentials and siloed workspaces, we provide a bridging BI Portal to connect and inform all your users. With Aginic taking the guesswork out of setting up your enterprise solution, you can concentrate on using your data to the full extent from day one.

We blend the familiarity of browsing a website with the next generation of business intelligence and reporting to ensure the right person can access the right data, at the right time.

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Visualising with the best technologies

Our approach

At Aginic, we use design thinking to capture the needs of users of the dashboards. Typically, this process starts with a workshop led by one of our expert designers who guides you through a fun, thorough session to deeply understand what is needed, why and how this will impact the users and the business.

Using an Agile way of working, we create prototypes of the dashboards or BI portal based on the workshops findings and share with you for a continuous feedback loop, incrementally updating the prototype until your business needs are met.