Data Platforms

Unlock the value of data with modern and scalable data platforms

Our data engineers are experts in designing and building modern data platforms that enable data driven insights to organisations and teams.

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Robust and secure data platforms

We implement robust and automated data pipelines that run seamlessly to ensure you have the most important data readily available. Aginic is a technology and platform agnostic organisation and we partner with the best providers in the data landscape. This ensures we use the right tools to solve the right problems. Our deep expertise in data platforms enables us to help organisations of all shapes and sizes improve their data maturity.

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Data ingestion

Data ingestion is the first step towards enabling your organisation to be more data-driven. It focuses on combining data from separate sources into one single view. We design and implement automated data pipelines that can handle high volumes of real-time data. A stable, robust and secure data ingestion pipeline is the foundation to unlocking actionable insights.

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We can help you with various different data ingestion and integration techniques:

  • Batch data ingestion
  • Streaming data ingestion
  • Hybrid data ingestion
  • Batch data integration
  • Real-time integration
  • ETL and ELT pipelines

Data storage

In order to begin driving insights from your data, it needs to be stored somewhere. We have deep expertise designing and implementing data storage systems that are reliable, available and scale with your business and data needs. Choosing the right data storage is often fundamental to the performance of your data insights. It’s often easy to start small, but important to think big to ensure you’re set up for success into the future. Our experts can help you with various storage options.

Data lake

Separate storage and processing layers, that can store structured, semi-structured and raw data

Data warehouse

Structured data storage for housing multiple disparate sources of data

Data lake house

Combines the best of data lake and data warehouse by supporting structured, semi-structured and unstructured data

Data transformation

Automated data transformation processes in the data pipeline will make data easier to work with – for humans and computers. Transforming data to a consistent format can improve the overall data quality and make data analysis more efficient. Your data-driven insights are only as good as the data that you use in your analysis. Our data analysts and engineers can introduce modern tooling to your data pipeline that can perform various tasks.

Translation and mapping
Merging and de-normalizing data from different sources

Filtering and aggregation
Consolidating, filtering out or summarising data

Anonymization and encryption
Anonymizing or encrypting private and identifiable information

Data modelling and formatting
Changing the format of data without changing its content

We partner with the best data platform vendors

Focusing on your business needs

With so many options and solutions available, choosing the right mix of tooling to support you on your modern cloud data platform journey can easily get overwhelming. We can guide you through the process and help you choose the right option based on your organisation’s goals and data needs.

Starting a data platform project can be daunting and can feel like a massive undertaking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You can start small with a small-scale project to prove value and encourage adoption. However, even with starting small it’s important to think big so you choose the right platform that can support you and your organisation as its data needs grow.

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Data analysis

Giving businesses the insight when and how they need it to support decision making is the essence of business intelligence. Business intelligence tools allow users to access their insights in interactive and engaging ways to improve their decision making at every level of the business. Our analysts and designers create insightful data applications, dashboards and business intelligence portals to enable an engaging way to consume insights across an enterprise. We are experts at designing, building and scaling business intelligence to 100’s of end users across an enterprise.

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