Data Science

Analyse, optimise & predict

Data science helps you uncover complex relationships between far-flung areas of your business.

Data science, the use of machines and statistics to discover complex data patterns, is a broad-reaching field with a number of different applications. Just a handful of examples include:

  • Predictive analytics can be used to forecast business performance into the future
  • Machine learning can be used to optimise outputs in data-rich areas of your business, and to determine the impact of certain factors on KPIs
  • Cluster analysis can be used to help you identify key target markets or understand your user groups better
  • Anomaly detection can be used to spot fraud in huge interrelated datasets

As an interdisciplinary field, data science can feel overwhelming, which is where Aginic can help. Using the right platform to meet the unique needs and skillsets of your team, we assist you to achieve deep insights, but while keeping the solution explainable at every step.

Data Science


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Advanced Analytics

Next-generation analytics isn’t just a far-fetched idea of the future – advanced analytics is here today, and it can help drive your business into the 21st Century with Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis and Text mining.

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Start discovering complex data patterns today.

We see software and technology as an enabler; we aren’t software salespeople. We combine best-of-breed technology solutions with the latest analytics techniques to deliver deep insights which provide lateral solutions to complex problem spaces.

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