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With technology moving faster than ever before, user experience is the differentiator in products and services.

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Our Design Studio brings problem-solving to a new level

We create experiences that go beyond visual design. Since our first designer joined Aginic in 2016, we have continued to grow into a thriving design studio with a strong focus on solving complex problems. With our large range of skills and knowledge, we can target projects with design approaches that are customised to specific business problems. We collaborate closely with our clients to create lasting solutions that give real value to end-users. We’re excited to see what else is out there and are up for a challenge any day. Let’s get going together on your next project!

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We design for humans

With technology moving faster than ever before, experience design makes a huge difference in the outcome of any project. Our design team understands the importance of engaging users early and often. Uncovering true user needs is at the heart of how our design team improves experiences and solves problems. We like to include all relevant stakeholders from the get-go to learn about users and get valuable insights to define and solve your problems with creative solutions.

How we think about design

We often get questions about what design is and what it encompasses. It’s a fascinating topic that we like to explain and discuss. Below is a common way of explaining the differences between two ways of approaching design: designing for a visual and functional purpose or designing for the experience.

We use Design Thinking

At the core of our way of working is Design Thinking, which is a framework for creative problem-solving to understand and design for end-users. We embrace this mindset and use Design Thinking methods to make it straightforward and clear to design and build solutions for your target users. Design Thinking is often introduced in 5 phases, starting with empathising with any stakeholders involved and ending with testing a prototype or solution with users. It’s an iterative process, not always going from left to right. That means depending on project needs, we might do some or all phases in a different order. The flexibility of Design Thinking is a powerful fit with our agile way of working.

Design services

Service Design

In many companies, resources such as time, budget, logistics are spent on customer-facing outputs, while internal processes are overlooked. This disconnect between these two different fronts can trigger a common, widespread sentiment that one hand does not know what the other is doing. This is where Service Design comes in to rescue.

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aginic design workshop

Design Sprint

Aginic Design Sprint is a four-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with real end-customers. It’s based on Google Ventures Design Sprint, which is a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking.

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Pietari Keurulainen

Finnish Designer with over a decade of experience from creative agencies. Passionate about improving user and customer experience, as well as designing modern solutions involving latest technologies. Loves playing sports, gaming and drinking a good cup of coffee.

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