Aged Care

Improving resident experiences

Enabling data-led transformation.

Across the aged care projects we’ve delivered, we’ve recognised the variety of business requirements, challenges and opportunities that exist across the sector. We partner with leading aged care institutions in identifying these details and enable data-led transformation that ultimately focuses on improving resident experiences in facilities across Australia.

We’ve delivered meaningful impact in the sector, solving problems in partnership with our clients now and into the future.

Our experience

Capability areas in aged care

SQF Reporting

Responding to the Royal Commission

Aginic has worked closely with aged care providers to develop data-driven tools for facility managers, state managers and executives to better understand their performance against the 8 SQF Standards, as well as highlight areas of risk to prompt proactive decision making.

To enable this rapid development, Aginic undertakes a structured 2-week discovery phase to map key data sources available within the organisation to the SQF Standards. During this time we also work closely with end-users to quickly validate thinking and direction in order to better inform the following development phases.

Daily KPI & Operational Reporting

Efficiency monitoring of facilities

It’s critical for facility managers, state managers and executives to have access to the right information at the right time to make key operational decisions.

Aginic has worked alongside aged care providers to develop a suite of automated operational reports that focus on ‘just in time, just enough’ reporting. This includes a daily snapshot of key performance areas relating to occupancy, staffing, funding and quality of care to enable in-the-moment decision making, as well as deep-dive reports that provide granular information for in-depth analysis.

Bed Fill

Customer experience & monitoring customer pipeline

In order to nurture the pipeline of clients coming into the organisation, as well as tailor the onboarding experience for clients, it is crucial that aged care providers are able to deeply understand the variety of touch-points between organisation and consumer. The first step in this journey is creating complete visibility across the pipeline, from lead to occupancy.

At Aginic, we work with aged care providers to combine information across the variety of systems that describe a client’s journey in order to produce a complete picture of the client pipeline. This might include website traffic, site tours, call centre activity, request for information, conversions, NPS, etc.

Arming customer experience teams with this information allows them to optimise crucial parts of the pipeline, not only for performance, but also client experience.

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