Improving education with data

edash analytics solution

Data-driven decision making.

We’ve worked with leading organisations within the Education industry, from schools and universities to government departments. Central to all our work was improving the quality of education that students of all ages receive by using data to empower teachers, principals and organisational staff in their decision making.

We’ve delivered innovative solutions and positive impact in the education sector through various successful engagements.

Our experience

Capability areas in education

Student journey

Telling the student’s story

Aginic has worked closely with Education Departments to develop data-driven student journey tools for teachers, principals and department staff to better understand their students. Various aspects of a student’s profile together in a single intuitive tool not only allowed the user to start to know the student quickly by providing student’s performance and attendance data, it also enabled the user for example to understand the effect a program has on the student’s education or the impact of early childhood participation on their primary school time.

School and university views

Understanding all students

School and university staff often spend huge amounts of time on reporting the right numbers. Aginic can help not only help on speeding up performance reporting of classes, programs or entire schools/universities but also help to solve more targeted problems such as identifying students who are at risk of dropping out.

System views

Drive better education across all schools

It’s crucial for departments to understand which programs are fruitful and which are not. But what if you can go further and automatically identify students that would strive from being in such programs before it’s too late? Our data scientists can identify students based on their data such as attendance, behaviour and assessments and take other aspects into account such as demographic information.

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