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It’s more critical now than ever to embrace the opportunity to reimagine how we deliver stronger, more resilient hospitals. We’re committed to help do that, with leading providers and front-line clinical staff.

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Leading the way in hospital analytics

Over the years we’ve linked arms with leading providers, front-line clinical staff and the broader industry to reimagine how we deliver hospital care for all Australians. We have a bold vision to support every hospital across the country, so that together we can shape models of care to improve operations efficiency and patient outcomes, now and into the future.

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The impact of COVID-19 on elective surgery waitlists

As we continue to partner with hospitals across Australia, we increasingly recognise the additional challenges of managing elective surgery hospital waitlists amidst the threat of further outbreaks of the COVID pandemic.

This free tool offers a conceptual look at how hospitals can model their forecasted elective surgery demand and workshop actions to mitigate the business and patient impacts. 

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Some common problems we solve for hospitals

Workforce optimisation and capacity planning

Using a data-led approach to better understand hospital-wide rostering practices and support a shift to more dynamic rostering aligned to patient activity, acuity, and bed occupancy. We combine patient activity data with your HR and rostering data to improve operational efficiencies, while also supporting the growth and wellbeing of your front-line clinical staff.

Using predictive analytics to support more proactive management of patient outcomes

Leveraging our in-house data scientists to identify leading factors contributing to a range of potentially predictable patient outcomes, including hospital length of stay, patient deterioration (e.g. cardiac arrest and sepsis) and propensity to readmit to hospital post discharge.  

Using data to identify hospital overspend at a patient level

Comparing cost data from the NHCDC against activity data to determine common factors that consistently lead to overspending on patient episodes of care. We can assist the hospital decision-makers to develop spend management strategies tailored to their unique operating environment.

Reconciling unbilled episodes of care

Assisting your finance team to recover lost revenue through identifying episodes of care that have not been appropriately invoiced. We implement a repeatable matching logic between your activity data and your invoicing data, which can continue to be leveraged to assist with funds recovery into the future.

Measuring and monitoring hospital performance

Using a design-thinking approach to help your team define metrics that will best support your organisational goals and KPIs. We combine, transform and present your data through dashboards or enterprise-scale analytics portals, ensuring the right information is received by the right people at the right time.

More effectively servicing growing hospital waitlists

Using scenario modelling to assist hospital decision-makers determine the best methods to service growing hospital waitlists. Our approach integrates hospital data sets to begin workshopping actions to mitigate operations and patient risk factors. 

How we can help

We love connecting with the industry to learn more about how we can help. Please get in touch to hear how leading data analytics solutions can solve common hospital challenges. 

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Our health team

David Hodges jacket 600px

David Hodges

Over the past 12 years, David has advised and collaborated with public and private health organisations throughout Australia helping them to drive insights from their data assets.  He operates at the intersection of modern, outcomes-based data governance, performance improvement, and risk intelligence.

Samantha Scott

Lead analyst Samantha (Sammy Scott) pairs her expertise in data, systems and technology with a deep understand of the Australian hospital landscape. Sammy has helped solve problems using leading data solutions, specifically across elective and unplanned theatre, clinical costing and enterprise level hospital health services analytics enablement. 

Interactive health demos

Waitlist scenario modeler

This simple tool offers a conceptual look at how hospitals can model their forecasted elective surgery demand, and workshop actions to mitigate the business and patient impacts.

Operations quality registry

This Demo provides Cancer surgeons and hospital managers the ability to easily compare their performance with the performance of other clinicians and hospitals.

Health hub

Health Hub shows how demographics change across the state of Victoria, including the access to care that they have.

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