New BI tech - What's over the horizon?

V-Connect, June 18, 2020

New BI Tech | What’s over the horizon?

Hosted by the Aginic Directors

In this session, we invite you to catch up with our Aginic team to learn more about the emerging BI tech we’re keeping across now, and into the future.

We’ll offer our close friends and associates a look ‘under the hood’ at our own internal ‘tech radar’, unearthing exciting new opportunities some of the leading players are bringing to businesses like yours.

Plus, we’ll take a moment to share some of the guiding principles we have adopted to manage our own business through these crazy times, with a key focus on how we’re working to maintain the culture, connection, and adaptiveness we’re so proud of here at Aginic.

This is a closed virtual meeting, available to our close friends and business associates.


Thursday, June 18


10:00 – 11:00 AEST


10:00am — Kick off and welcome from Aginic Founders Brett Thebault and Marty Conneely. 

10:10amGroup Poll & Discussion: Challenges and focus areas for you and your business, and how your BI tools are enabling you to look ahead with confidence.

10:15am — A glance at how we have managed our COVID-19 response at Aginic, focusing on culture, connection, and smart business insights. 

10:25am — What’s over the horizon with leading BI tech? Showcasing our Aginic ‘tech radar’.

10:50am — Wrap and discussion. 

11:o0am — END.