"On Your Marks with ThoughtSpot"

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On Your Marks with ThoughtSpot – Remote Workshop

Our ‘On Your Marks’ workshop gives business users a first-hand glimpse at how ThoughtSpot’s search and AI analytics platform can harness the power of your own data to drive critical business insights within seconds.

In this workshop, we’ll spin up these next-generation insights using your own data sets (or an alternative example data set), and present a variety of ways you can leverage the ThoughtSpot platform to answer your most critical business questions.

This workshop has been developed as a ‘primer’ course, preparing you with the knowledge and confidence you need to empower your business users to dive deeper into the ThoughtSpot technology, either through a longer trial of the demo environment, or a more advanced software configuration through ThoughtSpots ‘QuickStart’ Professional Services.

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Workshop Activities

Part 1 – AI & Search Analytics, and an intro to ThoughtSpot

  • Why AI-driven search analytics?
  • Search and AI-driven analytics 101
  • Case study and use applications relevant to your sector or business context
  • A demo of how ThoughtSpot empowers you, the business to answer your own questions about data
  • Identifying your key personas and their relationship to the ThoughtSpot technology

Part 2 – Spinning up some insights

  • We’ll use your own data sets to showcase ThoughtSpots functionality


What You’ll Get Out of This Workshop

  • A clear definition of your user persona(s)/primary targets and their relationship to the ThoughtSpot technology at the start of the journey.
  • A trialled and tested perspective on ThoughtSpots’ immediate appropriateness for your business case. Plus, a high-level summary on key adoption priorities to prepare for ThoughtSpot roll-out quickly and efficiently
  • Beyond – test drive the outputs produced during Part 2 and share them with other people in your organisation (14-day trial access for up to 5 users).

Workshop Pre-requisites

  • Availability (1 full day) and involvement of your data/BI team and any relevant business users (essential).
  • Detail a list of 10 business questions you’re looking to address through search and AI.
  • Access to necessary tools, applications and documentation needed to provide the workshop e.g. any documentation related to data models and business transformation rules at the commencement of the workshop and some visibility of the data intended to be utilised in the workshop
  • One-to-one phone call with the IT team or technical team lead to discuss pre-workshop materials requirements, including data set requirements/ configuration. The data needs to be: related to an identified business use case; between 1GB and 10GB in size (i.e. ~5 – 10 tables in a star schema).
  • Willingness and openness to a new way of driving insights through search and AI.

Download ‘On Your Marks’ with ThoughtSpot – One-Pager