“When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces.”

– Robert Cailliau, co-developer of the World Wide Web


The exchange of information enlightens and educates the receiver. Non-traditional blends of information provide nuanced findings; providing the decision maker with an understanding of external reasons why an event occurred, which isn’t captured within the organisation.

However, safe, open-but-secure data exchanges are few are far between. Aginic helps create, integrate and capture value from the open data movement.


How do I create a secure mechanism for generous organisations to upload their data? What upload formats do I support? How do I make the upload process simple, intuitive and repeatable?

How do I transform the data sets to make sure they are in an easily consumable format? How do I make sure individuals and organisations don’t need to manually import refreshed data sets?

How do I ensure data sets have been adequately masked and that no identifiable information is exposed? How do I make sure users of the data sets are able to access row level data as opposed to aggregated data?


Whether you’re a Government agency, local council or commercial entity, providing open access to a range of interesting data sets has the potential to allow individuals and organisations to develop some pretty cool stuff.

Aginic understands the benefit that can be delivered by these data market-places. We help develop and support further strategic advances in this vital field.