Our approach to quality

What makes us stand out

“Aginic bakes in quality across our entire business and practice of work. We do this by hiring and supporting amazing people, embracing agile values and controls, and by aligning and supporting our people and teams through stewardship and governance.”

Dale Freya

How do we achieve consistent high quality results?

Hire and support amazing people

  • We start by hiring amazing people — social geeks that love understanding your business as much as they love solving problems with technology.
  • We embrace diversity in our hiring —  diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking create teams that are better at solving hard problems in creative ways.
  • We embrace and support their growth — by including them in a cross-functional persistent squads from day one, by building chapters of practice to support the development of excellence in their craft, by professional support and development through a coaching program and by actively fostering a genuine work culture of trust, belonging and fun.

Agile to the core

  • Every sprint we deliver working software —  our definition of done ensures each piece of functionality meets our agreed quality benchmarks as part of its development in a sprint.
  • Our agile practices and ceremonies ensure we receive and incorporate continuous feedback from end-users and stakeholders to deliver the highest priority outcomes with full transparency, and are continuously adapting to feedback and change.
  • As modern BI practices and tools improve, we adapt to always bring modern best practice and technology to the table. We believe focusing on how we work is as important as what we do.

Stewardship and governance

  • Our board is chaired by a non-executive with deep experience in managing risk and quality in a Big 4 consulting environment. The board actively maintains our quality framework. The board has input into and assesses quality management throughout the business and provides periodic monitoring of policies and delivery.
  • Our directors combined with our squad and chapter leads drive quality throughout our business. We promote excellence in leadership through a program which includes in house training and coaching as well as knowledge sharing with business leaders from around Australia and the world.
  • Our quality director reports to our board and acts outside of our normal delivery structure to help develop, implement and monitor all facets of quality within our business. Our quality director works with our squads to ensure they are conducting the activities necessary to ensure they use best practice in delivery, meet client expectations of quality and foster continuous improvement across our business. Our quality director is directly available to clients as an independent escalation point.