Our approach to quality

What makes us stand out

As a diverse team of professionals, we know how critical quality is to delivering solutions that our clients are proud of owning. To embed quality through our business we start by employing amazing people with the right value set.

This team focuses on delivering simple yet elegant solutions to produce the right mix of quality, creativity and insight. Of course we implement structure and process where it’s needed, but we try hard to focus this on the most vital areas.

Stewardship and Governance

While we are not a big company, we are growing fast and we have some highly experienced people on our team to help provide stewardship to the business. We do not like excessive structure and layers of management, however our governance framework is a critical part of us delivering quality across the business.


Provides stewardship to the business and its approach to delivering quality. Chaired by a non-executive with deep experience in managing risk and quality in a Big 4 consulting environment, the Board actively maintains our quality framework. The Board has input into and assesses quality management throughout the business and provides periodic monitoring of policies and delivery.

Director and Management Group

The directors and managers drive quality in client delivery. They deliver quality solutions to clients and drive the values and culture to the rest of the team.

Quality Leader

Acting outside of the normal delivery structure, the quality leader helps develop, implement and monitor all facets of quality within the business. This senior role performs independent quality reviews of client engagements, the results of which are reported directly to the Board as well as the executive team.

Policy Framework

Consists of a small number of critical policies covering areas such as the Code of Conduct, Workplace Health and Safety, Business Continuity, Privacy and Data Security. These policies are reviewed by the board annually.

The highest performing people

Quality work cannot be done without amazing, intelligent and curious people. Our staff are the custodians of quality and as such we have very high standards. To drive quality we look for the “keepers” of the bunch, those who we will fight to retain. Being brilliant is not enough. Our people are well rounded, people you can have a genuine conversation with, as well as being exceptionally intelligent and creative.

Just as we have high expectations of our staff, they have a high expectation of us. As a business, we strive to create a workplace that allows our people to feel comfortable, challenged, inspired and driven. To ensure we create the right environment for quality work we implement the following:

Values and culture

Driven from the top down we assess all staff and candidates for compatibility with our values. This is then further backed up by a robust code of conduct to give our team guidance on how our values are interpreted in practice.

A well balanced, equitable performance management framework

We try to inspire development, honest feedback, growth and we love to reward quality work. We meet regularly to discuss each of our employees to make sure they are getting the opportunities they need and the right feedback and recognition. We never see feedback as a negative process but one of caring about our staff and their growth.

Opportunities for learning and training

We expect all staff to be at the cutting edge. ‘Technical to the top’ as we call it. This requires a significant investment in training and development of our staff. Our diverse backgrounds mean that we have many different experiences which we can all learn from and our approach to training reflects this. We work on a 9:1 working/training ratio and keep our Friday afternoons sacred for our staff, helping them to develop and learn. These sessions are run by team members throughout the business who have a specific skill set or who are developing their skills in new and exciting technologies. Of course, where there is value in more structured learning, we facilitate more intense training sessions such as our annual ‘winter school’.

Selective recruitment

We do not recruit merely for the sake of growth. In fact we would rather forgo an amazing opportunity than hire the wrong staff with the wrong skills and produce a sub quality product for our clients. We also recruit people from across any industry, as long as they are astounding. Our team consists of mathematicians, engineers, accountants, health care professionals, computer programmers, economists, actuaries, researchers, neuroscientists and creative designers. This cognitive diversity within our team enables us to think through our clients’ problems in so many different ways and produce products that hit the mark on every level.

Employee assistance

We recognise that our staff are high achievers and this drive can bring levels of internal stress. While this is good for the most part, we need to recognise when this becomes too much. Each of our employees are given a dedicated coach and we have other structures in place to be able to support our employees in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

Managing data securely & ethically

As data analysts we work with a significant number of different clients and are exposed to a wealth of important and often sensitive data. We normally try not to take ourselves too seriously but it is quite the opposite when it comes to matters of managing and securing data. We have an obligation to our clients, to ourselves and to the community to ensure we are effectively managing any data we encounter. As such, we have staff with extensive backgrounds in cyber security that take charge of managing our security frameworks and policies to ensure we are meeting these obligations across the organisation.

We have customised our security policies for the unique situations that we find ourselves working in, however they are based on industry best-practice. We also make sure that we are able to report any significant data breaches to our clients in line with the new amendments to the Australian Privacy Act.

While physical and electronic security is extremely important, it is also extremely important to recognise that simple conversations can also breach security. We ensure that all our people understand their responsibilities with respect to confidentiality and make sure that data is being handled in an ethical and secure way.