Our Approach

Achieving meaningful outcomes

At Aginic, our Way of Working is grounded in a blend of Agile and Design Thinking principles. We work with our clients as one cross-functional team, adapting to any changes thrown our way. It’s all part of our mission to achieve meaningful outcomes from our engagements.

Agile and Design Thinking

We take a pragmatic approach to Agile and Design Thinking, tweaking our way of working to the project, organisation and global context as required. By holding Agile values near and dear, we ensure work is prioritised and delivered in functional increments. This means our clients receive business value from day one.

What’s more, our creative team are big believers in testing early and failing fast. We validate ideas and solicit feedback from real users, to ensure we are delivering the best possible product or service experience. We use rapid prototyping techniques to achieve a short feedback loop. Ultimately, this helps to reduce risk and uncertainty in the project.

Working as one team

Aginic works in squads, our very own multi-skilled core teams that have the freedom and capacity to run agile projects almost independently. We’ve based our organisational structure off Spotify’s squad framework, building six to eight members into a squad of varying skills and capabilities to deliver most of our projects end to end as one big happy team!

We strive to work with our clients as one cross-functional team, keeping work and decision-making within the group. This facilitates faster communication, improved feelings of team inclusion, and greater shared understanding between team members. By working together, we enable our clients to fully understand the ins and outs of the chosen solution. This close collaboration ensures we can up-skill team members where appropriate, so they are equipped to independently support the solution post-launch. Additionally, our one-team approach provides everyone involved with utmost transparency. When we work together from project kick-off to launch, there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Adapting to change

At Aginic, we adapt to change. Our team is experienced with:

  • Changing world situations – when our cities went into lockdown, we quickly pivoted to full-time remote working. Yep, even our workshops went into virtual mode!
  • Client organisations – we take a pragmatic approach to projects, tailoring our Way of Working to the context and specific needs of the organisation. We value feedback and make a conscious effort to include all voices.
  • New tools and Ways of Working – we always keep an eye out for exciting tools and technologies to incorporate into our repertoire. What’s more, we’re a vendor agnostic shop, so you can be sure we always have your best interests at heart.

Achieving meaningful outcomes

Our team is committed to creating positive change in the work that we do. We care about the broader value our work will bring, always thinking about how a project will fit into the bigger picture.

When we’re in the early stages of a new partnership, we check to see if our values and goals are aligned. We’re not afraid to turn down business that isn’t a great fit for both parties. After all, we want to be excited about the work (and you to be excited to work with us!) so we can deliver the best possible outcome for your organisation.