Our partnership with Green Cup Consulting

Since 2018 Aginic has partnered with boutique health consultancy Green Cup Consulting to deliver value and practical insights to clients.

With over 25 years of experience in the health sector, Green Cup offers extensive strategic and operational capability by working with health providers and funders to address the manifold challenges in the health care sector.

In partnership, we have built practical solutions and methodologies which engage leaders and clinicians to genuinely shift the performance needle and deliver sustainable change informed by the data and evidence base.

Green Cup and Aginic have worked together on a number of projects across the health industry, from federal and state departments of health, national peak and professional bodies, public and private hospitals, and health care providers.

A partnership committed to working together to deliver a stronger, more resilient, and sustainable health system. 

“Together, Green Cup and Aginic bring the right blend of analytical nous, clinician engagement, and operational experience to provide a fresh practical, perspective and additional capacity to help you respond to a range of health and hospital challenges.” 

Sean Lowry, Director – Green Cup Consulting


“Our years of experience in this space has taught us that to deliver solutions that truly make a difference, we need to unite the best experience, skills, and perspectives on health improvement in Australia. Our partnership with the Green Cup team ensures we are able to support hospitals to better use data to solve the right problems in the right way. This ultimately results in the design and delivery of practical and lasting improvements to hospitals.” 

Rob Mackay, Director – Aginic