Our Story

An awesome journey that continues to surprise

  1. 2014
    brett marty holding aginic logo


    Aginic was started by two gents, Brett & Marty.

  2. 2015
    agicic turns 1v

    Aginic turns 1

    Aginic turns 1 year!

  3. 2015
    aginic first winterschool

    First Aginic Winter school

    The first Aginic Winter school was held in Stradbroke island. Winter school is an Aginic team bonding and training event.

  4. 2016

    AginicX is born

    AginicX was established to provide more in-depth technical capability such as developing bespoke visualisations and apps.

  5. 2016
    aginic 2 years old

    Aginic turns 2!

    Aginic turns 2 years.

    Company size: 21 team members including AginicX

  6. 2016
    aginic winter school 2016

    Winter school goes Noosa

    Second Aginic Winter school took place in Noosa, QLD.

  7. 2017
    aginic third brisbane office opening

    Aginic moves to Spring Hill

    New, more spacious office space with meeting rooms and a ping pong table!

  8. 2017

    Aginic turns 3!

  9. 2017
    aginic winterschool 2017

    Winter school goes Gold Coast

    Third Winter school was held in Gold Coast.

  10. 2017
    aginicds team picture

    AginicDS is born

    AginicDS was created to strengthen the way Aginic delivers projects as well as offering Adaptive Delivery coaching.

  11. 2018
    aginic winterschool 2018

    Fourth Winter school goes Port Douglas

    Fourth Winter school, held in Port Douglas. The Aginic team has grown a lot!

  12. 2019

    The Family comes together

    We have now come together to form a strong, united brand! We have always felt like a huge family, so this was an easy and natural transition. Aginic, AginicDS and AginicX have come together to unite under the Aginic brand.

  13. 2020

    Adapting to a new world

    In 2020, we have adapted and worked with our clients to create hybrid and fully remote ways of collaborating. We are on a journey working through the struggles in the world, and together we are stronger!

  14. 2021

    Winter School is back!

    Every year, since the start of Aginic, we have travelled together to hang out and learn for a a few days! In 2020 this wasn’t possible for a few reasons (biggest one being Covid-19), but in 2021 we are back to our usual event! This year, we created a hybrid event due to sudden lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne. Our usual in-person photo was replaced with an awesome virtual selfie!