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We have designed a range of packaged services to help clients elevate or progress their thinking across key components of a modern business intelligence, analytics, design or agile delivery project. All accessible in remote working environments.

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Modern Data Architecture Workshop

Together, we will identify potential quick wins and longer term architecture options

Getting data from source systems through to a user-facing dashboard or analysis tool can often be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Together, we will identify potential quick wins and longer-term data architecture options.

Data Strategy Kickstarter

Drive true commercial returns with Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy Kickstarter will help your business to develop a strategic roadmap you need to implement to drive true commercial returns from your data asset.

Data Science Discovery Workshop

Solve complex problems with Data Science

This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of how Data Science can accelerate your organisations efficiency in solving big business problems with complex data modeling.

Delivery Maturity Assessment

Designed to empower delivery teams

Our maturity assessment tool is designed to empower delivery teams by working with them to identify areas where improvement would be most valuable.


Making valuable insights accessible

Dashboards with lively visualisations encourage the user to explore their data and discover valuable insights at the click of a button.

Data Maturity Health Check

How do your data architecture and practices support your strategy?

Our health check is not intended as a lengthy, detailed review. Instead, we engage with key people in your data team and your user base to explore key drivers of data maturity.

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