Packaged Services

Agile Delivery Services

Scrum Master Deep Dive

Learn how to support Agile delivery through servant leadership

The ‘Scrum Master Deep Dive’ session will provide any Scrum Master, regardless of experience, with the knowledge and tools needed to flourish in this role.

1.5 days
Agile Delivery

Agile Fundamentals

Your 101 Guide to Agile

Our ‘Agile Fundamentals’ workshop provides a detailed introduction to the values, principles and practices that help to generate a culture of iterative progression, open feedback, and focuses on delivering value for clients and your business.

1 day
Agile Delivery

Product Owner Deep Dive

Ensure you have a thorough understanding of this vital role

The Product Owner Deep Dive has been designed from the ground up to provide guidance, real-world examples, and tips to help prepare any Product Owner for this important Agile leadership role.

1 day
Agile Delivery

Agile Health Check

Empower teams with information and actions on improving ways of working

This Health Check empowers teams and leaders with rich information on how to improve the maturity of their Agile delivery methods and where they can make the most valuable step changes.

2 days per team
Agile Delivery

DevOps Health Check

Provides a thorough review of your technical delivery practices

Do you know if your DevOps setup is running at it’s best? Our ‘DevOps Health Check’ will provide you with the answer

1 day per team
Agile Delivery

Analytics & Visualisation Services

BI Tool Select Workshop

Choose the tool that’s right for you

This workshop provides a non-biased, vendor-agnostic approach to comparing market-leading BI tools appropriateness for your business case.

3 days
Analytics & Visualisation

Cloud Technologies Services

Cloud Kickstarter

Start thinking about how to use the cloud to manage your analytical workloads

This workshop offers a holistic and practical look at how your organisation can leverage the cloud for data and analytics.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Health Check

Are you getting the best out of your analytical workloads in the cloud?

In this workshop, our team will walk through an assessment of your cloud landscape in the context of modern technologies and leading practices.

Cloud Technologies

Design Studio Services

Team Dynamics Workshop

Nurture a deep understanding of your unique team culture

This workshop is designed to nurture a deep understanding of your unique team culture and stimulate a safe and trustful environment.

Half day
Design Studio

Working from Home 101

Set up a connected team and nurture productivity while working remotely.

This workshop is for anyone that wants to set up a connected team and nurture productivity while working remotely.

3 hours
Design Studio

BI Design Workshop

User-centric way to kick-off any Business Intelligence related project

Aginic Design Workshop is a creative and user-centric way to kick-off any Business Intelligence related project.

Half day
Design Studio

Spark Design Workshop

Solving complex business challenges with Design Thinking

This collaborative workshop utilises the different phases of design thinking principles to solve business challenges in a creative setting. 

Design Studio