Aginic x Rowland Partner Webinar

Thursday, July 15


Aginic and Rowland welcome friends and associates to our upcoming webinar:

Next-generation business and communication strategy
How to combine public sentiment with business data to manage your brand, stakeholders, and business performance.

As specialists in our respective fields of strategic communication and data analytics, we’ll offer attendees a unique perspective on how to use data to inform decisions on brand and market positioning, reputation management, customer engagement, and business performance improvement.

We’ll share practical examples and success stories of how we’ve unlocked insight and value by combining social media and public sentiment data with other internal and public data sources such as sales figures and demographics. These include:

  • Combining market data with sentiment analysis to identify new target export markets featuring data from an agriculture organisation

  • Unearthing public sentiment towards an industry to help shape business strategy and growth for a leading sports body

There will also be an opportunity to look “under the hood” at some tools, and to hear from a facilitated panel of experts from Rowland and Aginic.


Thursday, July 15, 2021
10:00 am – 11:00 am AEST


Online via ZOOM (link to follow in the registration process)




This event already happened, but we encourage you to check out the recorded webinar here.