dbt is a development environment that speaks SQL, the preferred language of data analysts everywhere. dbt empowers analysts to take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformation code to deployment and documentation.

Dbt streamlines organisations’ analytics engineering workflows from data documentation to modelling and testing. The open-source tool empowers data analysts to take ownership of data transformation rather than relying on data scientists and engineers, significantly increasing productivity and overall data quality with the ability to scale. 

Aginic Manager, Benoit Perigaud, said that the partnership is a testament to the value that dbt brings to the modern data stack. 

“Fishtown Analytics has been shaping the data landscape and leading the charge in introducing the concept of analytics engineering for the past years. At Aginic, we thrive in building elegant solutions that we can hand over seamlessly to our clients. With dbt, clients don’t need to understand a new tool interface or a new language, their data teams already know SQL and can understand the analytics workflow very quickly. 

What I am very excited about as well is the overall ecosystem and community  that has emerged around dbt. While the core functionality of the tool is supported by Fishtown Analytics, a lot of open source projects are being built by community members and range from pre-defined transformations allowing to easily ingest data from specific sources, to tools capable of running advanced tests on the data being transformed. 

With our experience, we are extremely keen in supporting companies in moving their data transformation to dbt and demonstrating how the tool plays a key role in the creation and deployment of a modern data warehouse,” Benoit said.

Fishtown Analytics, the makers of dbt, raised $29.5m in a Series B financing in November 2020, just a few months after a $12.9M Series A funding. This funding allows the company to “optimize for the long-term” said Tristan Handy, Founder & CEO of Fishtown Analytics.