dbt is a development environment that speaks SQL, the preferred language of data analysts everywhere. dbt empowers analysts to take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformation code to deployment and documentation.

The new standard for data transformation

dbt (data build tool) is an open-source command-line tool that enables data analysts and engineers to transform and load data in from different sources into a target data warehouse, such as Redshift, BigQuery, or Snowflake. It is built on top of SQL and provides a set of high-level abstractions that allow analysts to define their data transformations using a simple, readable syntax. One of the key features is also managing and organising the data pipeline and making it more efficient.

Streamlining operations

For businesses and organisations, it helps to streamline the data pipeline process, which can be complex and time-consuming. With dbt, the data pipeline is easier to manage, maintain, and update, as it enables data analysts to specify their data transformations in a single location. Additionally, dbt has capabilities like collaboration, testing, and documentation that make it simple for teams to work together on the data pipeline and make sure it is accurate and reliable.

By offering a single source of truth for data transformations, dbt helps organisations in improving their data governance. As a result, an organisation’s data pipeline will become more consistent and reliable since the whole business will be able to utilise the same set of data models that can be versioned and audited.

Additionally, dbt supports data quality controls, allowing it to automatically carry out data quality checks and produce in-depth reports on any errors discovered. By making sure that data quality checks are done on the raw data, organisations may detect and correct data quality problems early on in the pipeline, before they travel through the rest of the pipeline and cause downstream problems.

The Aginic partnership with dbt is a testament to the value that dbt brings to the modern data stack. Fishtown Analytics has been shaping the data landscape and leading the charge in introducing the concept of analytics engineering for the past years.

At Aginic, we thrive in building elegant solutions that we can hand over seamlessly to our clients. With dbt, clients don’t need to understand a new tool interface or a new language, their data teams already know SQL and can understand the analytics workflow very quickly. We are very excited about the overall ecosystem and community that has emerged around dbt.

With Aginic’s deep experience, we are extremely keen in supporting companies in moving their data transformation to dbt and demonstrating how the tool plays a key role in the creation and deployment of a modern data warehouse.