George Fraser and Taylor Brown founded Fivetran in 2013 out of Y Combinator. Initially, they set out to build a better BI tool, but quickly realised they could disrupt the ETL market.

Enter Fivetran, the brainchild of George and Taylor as they set out to build a product shaped by the real-world needs of data analysts.

Within a few clicks, Fivetran provides the unique ability for organisations to effortlessly shift their business data into a cloud warehouse of their choice, removing the need for data replication, coding, maintenance and complex schemas. Think of companies like Lime, Strava and WeWork. They’re all embracing Fivetran for simplicity and reliability.

Here at Aginic, we’re big fans of Fivetran. We love that it takes the complexity out of the initial plumbing of businesses data pipelines, allowing them to concentrate on extracting business value from the get-go.

When we can drive value quicker, we drive progress quicker. Now that’s our jam!

To learn more about Fivetran, contact our Aginic partner contact Sam Kosky.

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