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Instant business value through design

Aginic Protosprint is a tailored 2-week sprint that focuses on unpacking critical business questions 
and validating assumptions through design. As part of protosprint, the team will create a digital product prototype 
with supporting artefacts such as a product roadmap or a technology approach.

Product prototype

Clickable interactive prototype of any digital solution

Technology approach

Discovering the infrastructure required to support the current and future needs of the solution

Product roadmap

Document and prioritise discovered features which becomes the road to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Powered by Aginic Product experts

The Protosprint will be facilitated by a cross-functional product team. Typical team make includes a delivery lead, two product designers, and an engineer or an analyst. We’ll tailor the team based on your needs and do our best at bringing in experts that might have valuable insights in your industry.

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Low touch, high value

Everything kicks off with a pre-engagements meeting where we align project goal and work out logistics for the Protosprint. The engagement is a time-boxed 2 week engagement where the first half focuses on building understanding through design and technical workshops and the latter half is iteration around the deliverables with tight feedback process.

The engagements finishes with a showcase where we come together and celebrate the epic outcome as a team and reviews the process and assets produced.

Great start, epic outcome

Protosprint is a great first the step towards building something epic. It’s the perfect blend of discovery and delivery that lets you explore concepts and validate assumptions in a low cost and low risk environment in a really short timespan.

The outputs from the engagement enable businesses to validate, evaluate and then take the next step in the process, which usually is building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the planned solution.