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Carefully done brand design and graphic design is at the heart of the modern corporate look, it gives a professional image of the company, inspires confidence and creates a positive image. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, so let the visuals speak for themselves.

Branding is our expertise

Aginic’s Design Studio has extensive experience in creating impactful brands. The process starts with a Google Ventures 3-hour brand sprint, turning abstract ideas about “your brand” into something more concrete. By working through a framework of exercises, our professional designers will distill these ideas into a shared vision and language that lets the business make confident choices around how your brand looks, sounds, and acts with users.

In the Brand Sprint, our designers will be running the following exercises

20 year roadmap
This exercise has the group consider the purpose of their brand/product now and in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from now.

Golden Circle
Based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles, this gets the group to consider what they do, how they do it (what’s their special sauce?) and why they do it. (Why do you get up each morning?)

Values (3 most critical values)
The top three values (ordered) of the brand/product.

The top three audiences on which the brand/product wants to impress.

Personality sliders
The personality (voice) of the brand.

Competitive landscape
Where does the brand sit on a dual axis graph against the Competitors?

Crafting the brand

After discovering the core values and drivers of your brand, our designers will create a visual identity for your brand. This includes a logo, typography, graphical elements and a style guide that provides guidelines for the way your brand should be presented from both a graphic and language perspective. Above all, a successful brand is properly targeted. It speaks a language that appeals to the feelings of the desired group of people. It appears to be an attractive actor in line with its values, but differentiates itself from others in its communication. Some of the main goals of branding are awareness and familiarity in the target group.

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