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Cloud Health Check

Are you getting the best out of your analytical workloads in the cloud?


Our ‘Cloud Health Check‘ workshop is designed to review your current cloud usage in data and analytics, and help you identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve performance. Housing your data and related workloads in the cloud should not be a set-and-forget approach. In this workshop, our team will walk through an assessment of your cloud landscape in the context of modern technologies and leading practices.


  • Walk through your cloud deployment/s
  • Provide an overview of good practice including:
    • Security
    • Cost Management
    • Scalability
    • Development Practices (DevOps – CI/CD, IaaC, Testing)
  • Analytical product Review
  • Identify gaps and recommendations


  • Involvement of a product/project stakeholder, a lead architect, and any relevant technical/business stakeholders
  • Half day of dedicated availability

Hypothetical Scenario

  • You’re currently in the cloud, but you’re finding it expensive, slow, or you’re worried about the security of your data.
  • A cloud migration in your organisation has previously failed and you want to learn why and how to do it better.

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