Cloud Kickstarter

Start thinking about how to use the cloud to manage your analytical workloads

Our ‘Cloud Kickstarter’ workshop offers a holistic and practical look at how your organisation can leverage the cloud for data and analytics, with the goal of assessing current requirements and developing a plan to get started.  We provide real examples of cloud migration strategies and walk through modern cloud technologies to provide you with an overview of leading practices. 


  • Review On Prem Workloads / Infrastructure
  • Discuss Cloud Platform Options Pros and Cons
  • Security
  • Devops walkthrough
  • Migration Strategy
  • Costs and Resources


  • Current state process / documentation / architecture 
  • Involvement of the data team, a lead architect, and any relevant technical/business stakeholders
  • 3 hours of dedicated availability


  • Understanding of leading cloud data platforms and approaches
  • Short Term Roadmap to get started

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